21 Aug 2011

Little updates

It's been a while since my last little updates and I haven't done anything all that amazing.  I wanted to do a little updates soon though because I have some new blog mentions I want to give - coming up at the end of the post.

First up, a freebie body products haul.  These all came from Christmas gift sets - my mum decided she wouldn't use them so bagged them up and gave them to me - bonus!

A little while ago now I went into Clintons and saw they had a sale on Yankee candles - I love the smell of Yankees but they're really expensive usually so I haven't got that many.  Clintons had these two fragrances half price for about £9 so I decided to indulge in them both as they look and smell gorge.  

Mango peach salsa

Ocean blossom - this one's on the windowsill in the loo

Here's mango peach salsa settling in with some of my other candles on my living room coffee table 

Large yankees also now come in a tumbler as opposed to the jars which I prefer - I've only got one of those so far which you can see here in my hallway - it's strawberry buttercream

The boyf and I put on some temporary his and hers skull tattoos that came free with something

I thought I might dye my hair and realised how many boxes of hair colour I have that I've not used.  As you can see Casting is my fave.  

I tried chesnut honey but it didn't make much difference to my hair at all as my hair is more mid brown that light brown.  Hair colour fail.

Possibly one of the most random things I've ever put on the blog.... I got some new windows in my house.  We just replaced the oldest ones which were looking tired or letting too much cold in in the winter

Hallway before 

Hallway after

Bathroom before

Bathroom after

Spare bedroom before

Spare bedroom after - this whole room needs deocrating

Kitchen before

Kitchen after 

 My friend went to visit his brother in America and be brought these back for me

Aren't they pretty?  Some of the beautiful people buying things from my blogsale have either found these or individually wrapped jelly beans in their packages =)

And finally I got my hands on these Sleek pout paints - these will be featuring in lots of upcoming posts I'm sure.  I think I've got a range of the shades to be able to mix up all sorts of colours

That's all for now, onto the blog lovin'

Please check out these lovely blogs I've recently discovered....

Happy Sunday everyone xx


  1. It's amazing how different a room can look just by doing something so simple. I also prefer the large tumblers to the large jars for yankee candles x

  2. Love Yankee Candles! Great choices. :)

  3. What a lovely post! I love Yankee candles,have u tried the wax tarts that they do (the ones you melt into an oil burner) They last forever :) Those Hershey kisses look yum aswell Im so glad I dont live in America Id be a complete whale! xxx

  4. Thank you for the mention!! The yankee candles look delicious!! :) xx

  5. Lovely post! Yankee Candles are my weakness. The his and hers tattoos are too cute aswel! Thank you for the mention..it means a lot to me :) xxx

  6. love love love candles, it is my downfall! Esp scented ones or decorative ones. x

  7. I adore candles and I am partial to a yankee one now and again especially when QVC have them on offer! Have you tried their tarts? they seem to last so much longer.

    Thanks so much for the mention! xx

  8. Thank you for mentioning me!
    I always smell yankee candles in clintons but I need to indulge in one! x

  9. Really thinking about investing in a Yankee Candle for winter :)

  10. Thanks for all the comments - didn't realise how much everyone liked yankees =)

    @madame gourmand - yes I have got a tart burner and a selection of tarts - it's a great way to try out a fragrance before committing to a large jar

  11. I love Yankee Candles and Hersheys kisses!!

    They are now selling Hersheys kisses in Tesco! I got so excited when I saw them in there the other day!


  12. love your freebie haul lol! i have the fcuk stuff its awesome and really fresh for the warmer weather :D

    shel xx


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