8 Aug 2011

Medallion gold plating kit review

This may seem like a bit of an odd review, but tarnished jewellery is something which bugs me no end.  I hate finding a lovely little piece of costume jewellery and having to throw it out after only a couple of wears because the gold colour has rubbed off or the silver colour has gone dark and horrible.

I'd like to say I've found the solution, but sadly not.  I cam across this gold plating kit, but it only works on fine jewellery metals, so sadly I can't gold plate some of my favourite costume jewellery.

My best tip for stopping costume jewellery from tarnishing is to paint it with a protective layer of clear nail varnish when you first buy it - I learnt this from @fluffypinkystar 

I still bought the kit even though it's not suitable for costume jewellery as I have a lot of Sterling silver jewellery that I no longer wear.  Gold was always what my Mum wore and I only ever wore Silver and couldn't imagine a day I would change my mind.  Then I got into gold costume jewellery, later I got my gold watch and all of a sudden I don't want to wear any of my silver any more.  So... I decided I'd have a go at gold plating some of my silver rings.

First off you clean the jewellery in the special solution to prepare it.

I also wanted to gold plate the Alice in wonderland necklace here, but it wasn't a compatible metal so I just did the rings.

You pop the jewellery you want to gold plate into the little basket with the metal activator disk which creates a chemical reaction with the liquid gold solution.  The solution only reacts with metals, so the stones on the rings will be unharmed.

I had to warm the jar containing the liquid gold solution in the microwave for 50 seconds before dipping my rings

You only leave them in for 10 seconds or so - you can see the colour change.  You then need to rinse them in water straight away and then polish them with a special gold polish.

Here are the rings just after plating

 And here they are after the whole process was finished looking pretty blinging

I paid £27.95 including postage to get this set from QVC.  Initially I was really happy with the results and set about dipping some more rings.  However, when I was wearing one of the rings in the picture I started to notice the gold plating rubbing off!  I didn't expect it to last forever, but I also didn't expect it to come off during the first wear!  

I may try re-dipping to see if it makes any difference, but I think I'm going to send this back for a refund.  The results look good, but if they don't last there's no point!

Have you ever tried anything like this?  Do you have any tips for rescuing tarnished costume jewellery?


  1. put clear nail polish over it, it wont rub off :) ive done it to all of my rings xxx

  2. where is that Alice in Wonderland necklace from? It's amazeballs!

  3. Thank you for the detailed information and review. I appreciate your objective report of the product.


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