16 Aug 2011

montagne jeunesse spa facial tonic face mask review

I've seen lots of people trying out these masks after winning them on some sort of facebook competition (I think).  It's a coincidence that I bought one around the same time.  My skincare obsessed (male) friend was telling me that I needed to get a hydrating mask so next time I was in Superdrug I had a browse around but couldn't really find anything.  Mr skincare later scoffed at me for going to Superdrug and told me I needed to get a proper mask from a high end brand!

I wasn't looking for a one-use type mask, but as I couldn't find anything else, I looked at the montagne jeunesse range and picked out the one which seemed most hydrating which was this one called face tonic.  

When I took it out of the pack it looked sort of like one of those cloths you use around the kitchen!  It was really generously soaked in the face mask liquid.

Here it is unfolded and ready for slapping on your face.  It also comes in handy if you're running late for a bank job and have forgotten to bring your balaclava.  

And as a treat, here's a picture of me using the mask!  My boyfriend couldn't stop laughing for ages when he saw this picture and couldn't believe I was going to put it on the blog - how little he knows me!

Aside from the obvious hilarity the mask provides, it was really nice and cooling to wear.  I had a little relaxing lie on the sofa while it did its thing on my skin.  My skin felt extra hydrated and plumped after using the mask and I would buy it again - it was only £1 so you can't go wrong.

The Superdrug I went to didn't have the full range, so there may well be other masks of the hydrating variety which I can try.  I've also seen adverts for montagne jeunesse masks in a tub where you get several uses, so I'm keen to give one of those a try if there's one particularly suited to skin in need of a big drink!

Have you tried a hydrating face mask?  Any you would recommend?

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  1. Ooh I did one of these the night before graduation last year! It was quite relaxing, don't think it did anything amazing to my skin though! I prefer the peel off kind of masks better. Mostly because I like peeling them off! lol xx

  2. Oh my goodness, that's one strange face mask! My face often feels really dry after a wash/peel off mask so I might have to give the dishcloth mask a try. Great post (love the pictures) x

  3. I've used this mask as well and it's so nice and refreshing!

    Needless to say my Mum screamed when she came in my room and saw me with it on LOL! xx

  4. They are really fun to do arent they! They have loads of different masks to suit different skin problems but these are the least messy ones and do leave your face really fresh! xx

  5. haha! Great photo, I've tried one of these peel off mask things but not this one, I will pick one up! x

  6. That photo is hilarious!
    I've not tried this yet but have tried others from this brand and they're always lovely.


  7. We've just attacked the lad we live with, with one of these facemasks xD check it out!



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