29 Aug 2011

MUA dusk til dawn palette review and swatches

I have four of the MUA professional palettes and decided it was about time I got around to swatching one of them!  I've deliberately not done the heaven and earth palette as it seems like the rest of the world has already reviewed that one, although I might still review it in the future as I do think it's an amazing palette.

So here's the dusk till dawn palette - as you can see, there's a real mix of colours here which I really like.  It's a mix of some quite neutral colours alongside colours which really pop.  All of the colours have some shimmer  to them.

Here's the first half of the palette - I really like all of these colours but my favourite is the dusky pink on the top right.  I wasn't sure about the two silver looking shades in the middle and thought I wouldn't wear them, but swatched they're more grey and have quite a depth of colour to them for a good smoky eye.

The second half of the palette has another good mix with a nice hi-light colour in the top left and much darker colours on the bottom row - I would probably smudge these on as eyeliners or just use a tiny bit in the crease with some lighter colours.  My favourite here is the dusky lilac colour in the top middle.  

The quality of the eyeshadows is pretty good - as you can see most of the colours are very pigmented.  It's hard to believe this only costs £4 from Superdrug.  I usually steer clear of 'cheap' makeup brands but I'm beginning to see that MUA is a clear exception to that rule!

Have you tried any of the MUA pro range yet?  I also have the heaven and earth palette plus starry night and poptastic which were given to me at 'the only way is blogging' event in July so I have some more swatching to do!


  1. No I haven't where do they sell it? :)

  2. I still haven't bought this one yet, last time i went to order it it was OOS on the superdrug website xxx

  3. @Amy I think the only place you can buy it is Superdrug and usually only the bigger stores. They do sell it on Superdrug online but as Mel said, they're sometimes sold out as they're really popular. I'm hoping to be able to put a couple of the palettes in my next giveaway =)

  4. This palette looks so pretty :) x

  5. Thanks so much for this post, I purchased this palette, and I also used your picture on my blog -I hope you don't mind, I linked your blog and everything :) take care, girly girl

  6. I bought this palette today I love it, its gorgeous :).


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