10 Aug 2011

MUA nail quake - shock waves review NOTD

At the TOWIB event I was luckily enough to be given some MUA goodies to road test and this included one of the new Nail Quake crackle polishes.  As well as the standard black and silver crackle shades they've also brought out four more exciting colours - blue, coral, purple and pink.  

I got the pink which is a deep raspberry shade called shockwaves, and decided it would look best over a purple polish.  

I tried it over purple and it did look nice, but I think the purple was a bit too dark and took away some of the impact of shockwaves and made it look more of a maroon colour rather than raspberry pink.

 I then tried it over a lilac polish - now shockwaves packs its full punch and shows up in the true colour you see in the bottle - much prefer this combo.

I've tried Barry M, Models Own and China Glaze crackles and what I noticed was different about the MUA formula is the way that it develops long skinny cracks in the polish.  If you know what I mean, some crackles spread a lot more than this so you see more base colour than crackle colour and you get quite a chunky effect - with the MUA your crackle colour takes up the majority of your nail with just hints of the base colour.

A picture might help better explain what I'm on about - this is an old NOTD I did with Barry M black crackle which is what I'd call a fat crackle as opposed to the MUA being a skinny crackle! 

I like the fact that the MUA nail quakes produce a different pattern - there are a lot of crackle polishes around now and the look can become a bit tired, so it's nice to see a new take on it. 

MUA nail quakes are part of the new pro range and cost £2.99 each from Superdrug.   

Broken Arrow



I think I'm also going to pick up the purple nail quake polish - broken arrow.  

What do you think of these polishes?  Have you tried any of the other colours? 



  1. Wow! I actually prefer the look of these polishes to the Barry M ones!
    Rhiannon xxx

  2. I love my Broken Arrow quake! Its gorgeous! x

  3. I've got the purple one & I don't think I've used my Barry M one once since I've had it!

    I've just ordered this one that you've just reviewed & the blue one, because I was so impressed with my purple one. I really wanted the silver, but it had sold out online (have to order them online because NONE of the Superdrugs anywhere near me do the MUA Pro range - rubbish!)


  4. They seem to give such a better effect than the Barry M ones, I think I prefer it:)

  5. I haven't actually tried any of the MUA crackle polishes but I'm totally in love with MUA in general right now. I absolutely prefer the look of this crackle than the Barry M one which like you said is becoming a bit "old" now. I think the crackle would look in white/black, shame they don't do a black!

  6. Thanks for your comments ladies - glad you're all loving the nail quakes =)

    @sparkles - they do make a black one! I just blogged the coloured ones but they do black and silver too xx


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