22 Aug 2011

Primark haul August 2011

Here's what I've snapped up from Pri lately 

Love the floral appliqué (I think that's what you call it) on this top - loving it under a blazer with trousers or jeans - I think is was £10 and it also comes in a rust colour 

I just don't have enough tops as I usually wear dresses but lately I've been really into some new navy trousers I bought from miss selfridge so need new tops.  I really like this chiffon top with long sleeves and ruffling.  It was £10.

I also got it in mustard which I love for Autumn.  I had to take this back for an exchange as despite buying this and the coral in a 14 and them being exactly the same, the sizing was completely different!  It was far to tart around the boobs giving a horrible squished effect.  When I took it back I ended up getting another 14 which again was completely different.  This also comes in lots of other nice colours so I think I'll probably be tempted to buy some more.  

I've got a couple of ring watches and really like them - I never expected to see one in Primark so happily snapped this up.  I love the pattern - really unusual.  £3

I've been wanting a postcard type necklace for a while so was happy to find the Primark one for just £2.

These earrings are really cute and were only £1.50 so I couldn't help getting them even though I really didn't need them.

I've finally booked a holiday, so when I saw this maxi dress reduced to £5 I thought it would come in handy for the beach.  I'm trying not to really buy anything for my holiday as I'm only going for a week and should be able to re-use all of the stuff from my holiday last year with plenty to choose from as that was a two week holiday.

Not sure if I think this mcQueen-a-like scarf is cool or tacky - maybe somewhere in-between.  It was £3 or £4.  

And finally - I caved and got a babygrow / snuggle-suit!  I might look like a nut job, but I'll be a cuddly warm nut job!  This was £10 and my boyfriend got the men's monkey one!  

I love a good Primark raid

ETA: due to approval of the onesie... a little treat for the eyes



  1. I really love the first dress and the jewellery they're all very pretty.

  2. love the primark sheer shirts... especially the mustard one :)


  3. I have the 1st top and it fits lovely!

    I also tried the chiffon tops below and my boobs would never get in them :( shame tho I really like em!

    Good choice.

  4. I got the skull scarf in both colours and im still unsure (I think I like them for now :)) xxx

  5. I have the mustard and pink chiffon blouse in cream and absolutely love it! I may have to get the other colours now.

    I like the Skull scarf, but a little worried it will look too fake. Hmmm...Not sure xxx

  6. Great picks!

    Loving the first top and the skull scarf especially :)

    The onesie looks sooo comfy - the little cupcake on it is just too cute! xx

  7. I have the first top in rust!! Love the chiffon style tops, might have to pick one up!
    Love the scarf and 'baby grow' and I think Im going to cave in tomorrow, when I go into town and pick one up! :p xxxx

  8. Great buys. think Im going to copy you and try get all these, especially the onesie!!!!! Ideal for cold nights in front of the tv


  9. those coral and mustard tops are gorgeous, so versatile!


  10. everyone loves a good Pri haul! thanks for all the comments =)

    Thanks for not abusing me for buying an adult babygrow!!

  11. LOVE the necklace! And cute onesiee :)


  12. Those sheer shirts are lovely! I'll be looking out for them next time I'm in Primark!

    Lauren x

  13. The shirts are nice!! I love all the jewellery from Primark too!! xx

  14. Lovely buys :), love the sleepsuit ;) hehe x

  15. Great purchases! Really miss Primark haha I thought I'd never say it.
    I live about and hour and half each way from one now so it's absolutely overwhelming when I go in.



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