5 Aug 2011

Soap and Glory fab pore hot cloth cleanser review

I picked this cleanser up in the asos sale.  It's usually £9.19 in Boots, but I got it for around £6.

Here's the product out of the box - it's a squeezy tube so quite easy to use and to get the right amount of product out.  I'm holding it over a running bath with Lush magic mushroom, so that's why the water's red - there hadn't been a murder in my bathroom or anything.

And this is the muslin cloth which you get in the box.  The idea is that you apply the cleanser, leave it on for a minute or so to do its thing, and then wipe it off with the muslin soaked in hot water.  

I really enjoyed using this.  It leaves my face feeling really clean and because of the muslin I think it gets a little exfoliated and deep down clean too.  The cleanser took off eye make-up easily so I liked using this at night.  

The cleanser is white, thick and creamy and it smells quite natural if that makes any sense!  I wasn't sure whether or not I was supposed to wet my face before applying the cleanser or not, so tried both ways and it seemed to work the same.  

For me it's a night time cleanser as you are supposed to wait a minute or so before you wipe it off with the muslin cloth and if you're anything like me, there's no time for that before work!  It is really good at getting your make-up off and leaving your skin squeaky clean, so that's another reason I used it at night.  

I have noticed an improvement in my skin since using this product, my skin looks clearer and sort of more even.  I would buy this again but I'm concerned that it doesn't last very long seeing as you only get 100ml in the tube.  

I'm not sure whether the part that has really worked for me is the cleanser or the use of the muslin cloth, so I've bought a cheaper Soap and Glory cleanser to try with the muslin cloth and see what happens.  It's Peaches and Clean and it's cheaper at £6 for 200ml - I'll let you know how I get on with that in a few weeks. 

Have you tried the hot cloth cleanser - how long does the tube last you with every day use?

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  1. I only read another good review about this yesterday! I would love to try the superdrug one too. I use the no 7 one and it's fab. I use white flannels though because I find them more exfoliating and clean the face better than the muslin xxx

  2. Great review!!
    I must check this out!
    I love using a muslin cloth it makes my skin feel so much more clean.... i think it's just in my head!
    Cant wait to hear what you think of the other S&G cleanser!


  3. I have a hot cloth cleanser from No7 sat on my shelf and have only used it once so I probably won't buy this but it does look good! Love Soap & Glory!

  4. Oh gosh I love this cleanser! I bought some in January and it ran out last week. I found I only needed to use it about three times a week. I bought mine from ASOS in their January sale too but they've sold out of it now and my local Boots don't stock it. I somehow lost my Muslin cloth and it worked just as well with a flannel. I think it's worth the money, especially if you buy it in the sale. Great Review! I agree with everything you say :-)
    Lucy x

  5. i had been looking at this but didnt know whether to bother getting it, i will wait and see your review on the other one to see which is the better before i purchase

    shel xx

  6. I haven't used a hot cloth cleanser yet because of the fact you have to wait a while, I'm too lazy! Maybe you're right though and it's good to use in the evening, that's better than twice a day. Looking forward to seeing how the other one works, that seems much more reasonably priced.

  7. i used this and im sure it broke me out :( I did love the clean mary soap and glory cleanser tho :)

    I really adore the liz earl cleanse and polish, it deserves ALL of the hype surrounding it! I ran out :(

    Tip: extra virgin olive oil with your muslin cloth to take off your make up works brilliantly. its really cheap too. Thats what I have switched too in my 'Im too cheap to fork out for Liz Earl' period of late :P


  8. I bought this too when Boots had a 3 for 2 on Soap and Glory products... I couldnt really tell what it had done... I dont use it everyday though so maybe thats why? xx


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