11 Aug 2011

Three primer challenge review - Gosh, MUA and Witch

In summer, I always tend to get a craving to find a good primer that will keep my make-up on my face all day long.  I have slightly oily combination skin so I also want the primer to keep shine away.  

I've been trying out three different primers and thought I would compare them all.  I always apply primers after my face serum and moisturiser and before my foundation.  I think that's the usual way to do it, but I thought I'd mention as I have heard of people putting primer on over their foundation.


First up is the Gosh velvet touch foundation primer.  It's £12.99 for 30ml and you can only buy it in Superdrug.

Here's a little squirt on the back of my hand - you can see it's a completely clear primer and quite a stiff consistency.  This has a thick and silky consistency and slides on really easily.  It feels like it creates a thin top layer on my face rather than sinking in to the skin

I am fairly impressed with this product.  At the end of the working day my make-up is clearly still very much there.  I can't say it looks exactly the same as it did in the morning, but it does keep it on my face.  The one thing I have noticed is that my make-up can look a little cakey, so I have to make sure I'm not too heavy handed with powder if I'm using this primer, but at least I'm not shiny.  

I find that I need to pat this primer on my face rather than rub it in - if I rub it in it can sort of react with my moisturiser and you get what I call the PVA glue effect whereby you get little bits of product rubbing off and looking a mess.  If you don't know what I'm on about when I say "PVA glue effect" I will explain...  When you were at school, you probably used a white liquid glue for all sorts of sticking activities.  If you painted the glue on the palm of your hand and left it to dry you could then peel it off like a gross layer of rubber skin, or if you rubbed your hands together it would roll off it little pieces - hope that made sense and I wasn't the only child who did this!


Next up is the MUA primer.  This was given out at the TOWIB bloggers event, but I had actually already bought it a few weeks earlier.  It was £4 from Superdrug.  

This primer is really quite runny which surprised me, but it means you don't need to use a lot.

It absorbs easily into your skin and dries clear

This primer was quick and easy to apply and I did notice a difference in the amount of make-up still in tact at the end of the day, but unfortunately I did have some problems with shine.  I have oily combination skin so I need to look out for products with a mattifying effect.  I think this would be a good primer for normal or dry skins.  I also heard that you can apply the primer on top of your make-up to refresh if you're going out in the evening and I can see why it would be good for this as it seems fairly moisturising.


This is the Witch skin clearing primer which I'd seen lots of mentions of on blogs and twitter.  I found this quite hard to get hold of but kept trying as it seemed like a double benefit product which would really quit my skin.  This was £6.99 from Boots.

This primer has quite a thin liquid consistency and again doesn't have that silicon feel that the Gosh primer has. 

It sinks into the skin easily and disappears.  

I didn't feel like I saw any results with this primer - my make-up had mostly disappeared from my face by the end of the day and I looked shiny.  I can't really comment on the skin clearing properties - because the primer didn't work for me after a couple of tries I didn't continue using it.  

My favourite and the one I'll keep using is the Gosh primer.  Although it's the most expensive, it did the best job for my skin.  I liked the MUA primer too as it did keep my makeup on and at £4 it's a good value product, but more suited to drier skins that need to stay hydrated I think.  The Witch primer didn't work for me at all, which is odd because I read some really good reviews on other blogs - I guess it just goes to show that everyone's skin is different.  

I've also recently received my 50% off Elf haul, which included the Elf primer, so I now have another primer to try out!  I'm hoping it might be as good as the Gosh product as it's less than half the price!

What's your favourite primer?



  1. Great Review!!!
    I would Love a review on the Elf's primer if you ever get a chance, I've been on a hunt for a less expensive primer for a while now.

  2. Aha I used to do the whole PVA on the pale of your hand too... I think literally every primary school kid did it!

    My favourite primer at the moment is Loreal Studio Secrets. It makes your skin suuuper soft!

    I've also used NYX HD primer but it makes me feel a bit washed out as it's a bluey grey colour instead of clear :)

  3. I've been using the Gosh primer for a couple of weeks now and I really like it, It lasts much longer than the ELF one. I was going to try the MUA one but don't think I'll bother. Great post as always x

  4. haha the PVA glue effect did tickle me! I used to do that too

  5. Thanks for the comment lovelies

    @comme3pommes I haven't tried the Elf primer yet but will defs review it soon

    @Corina and @Leanne - glad you both understood what I was on about with the pva! And Corina, interesting you mentioned the studio secrets, that's another on I fancy trying - getting a primer addiction!

    @madame gourmand - aww thank you =) xx

  6. I always find primers get such mixed reviews!! I've heard so many bad things about the witch one, but a few AMAZING things, tried it myself and absolutely love it! I suppose it depends on the ingredient match to your foundation!? The worst I'ev ever tried though was the most expensive, from Lancome!! :P xx

  7. I use No7 Colour Calming in the day (which is very good but be sure to rub it in) and Benefit That Gal in the evening which is AMAZING!


  8. ive just started using the rimmel fix and perfect primer :) definitely helps makeup go on better!


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