26 Aug 2011

Weight watchers update

I'm so in and out of love with weight watchers even I don't know if I'm doing it or not half the time!  The past week or so I've really tried to get back into counting points religiously and even planning meals - highly unusual behaviour for me!

Dorset cereals muesli with fresh strawberries 7pp

I love watermelon in summer - could possibly eat my own weight of the stuff

Massive box of strawberries (we'd eaten about half by the time I took the photo) for £3.99

Scallop spaghetti recipe from September WW magazine - 9pp

Chicken wrapped in pancetta from the September WW magazine - tasted nicer than it looks!  10pp 

Homemade strawberry and banana smoothie

Tried out WW custard - tastes very synthetic and totally lacks any of the creaminess of custard.  Wouldn't buy this again.

Cheesy haddock Florentine from September WW magazine - 10pp 

I served it with roasted sweet potato wedges - 4pp for 150g

My new favourite breakfast - WW blueberry muffin - 4pp

So far they seem exclusive to Asda which is a shame because that's the furthest supermarket from where I live

I tried out some of the new bars available in class - both rather nice.  I liked the nuts and berry one much more than I expected - very fruity and tastes indulgent for only 2pp

I went a bit mad in the £1 shop after I found all of this weight watchers food!

I tried out WW wraps - not bad for 3pp

I used them to make this little lunchtime pizza with tomato puree, red onions cooked in balsamic vinegar, pancetta and mozzarella - it was amaze! 

And finally an apple freshly picked from a tree outside and sprinkle with cinnamon - a lovely 0pp treat

I only lost 1/2lb this week, but that's better than putting on =)

Who else is still doing WW?


  1. Wow, everything here looks amazing and really yummy!!
    Normally diet meals look dull and boring but this definately doesnt, the strawberries look tasty :-)
    Well Done for your weight loss, it doesnt matter how much you lose as long as you lose it, im trying to eat more healthily now and this post has inspired me and gave me some ideas, thank you!!
    x x

  2. Well done on losing half a pound! I know it isn't much, but without trying to sound like a Tesco advert, every little helps! xxx

  3. you can command cook for me anyday! delish!xxxx

  4. All this food looks so lovely! Very different from when I did Weight Watchers a good few years ago (I was hungry all the time!)

    I do Slimming World have lost 1 stone 10lbs since last year...although the past month or so I've been on/off :( Rejoining group though to get back on the weight loss wagon! xx

  5. well done you!
    I do scottish slimmers and like you, im sometimes on and off but i love that there is such a variety of yummy dinners and snacks that im never bored. I like the weight watchers wraps - your pizza looks delish, and have you tried the WW lemon drizzle slices??? YUM!!! xxx

  6. Wow, everything looks really yummy, you wouldn't think it was diet food at all. Well done on the weightloss.

    Sadie x


  7. Wow it looks so good!!! I am on the ketogenic diet and I would loooove to eat all those carbs! It's hard even restricting myself to fruit :( It's good how WW have such a massive range! xxx

  8. I LOVE apples sprinkled with cinnamon. Even better heated up for a couple of seconds in the microwave :) xx

  9. Wow! I am very loosely following it atm, I need to get back to work and that will be way better for me!

    I think I may go buy the mag but lookingat your pics has given me a boost!!

    Thanks ya :)





  10. The strawberry and banana smoothie looks delicious! Is that all that is in the smoothie or did you add milk?

  11. Thanks! =) @Jen, @City Girls Fashion Box, @bluebells @♥ Sadie ♥

    Keep going fellow dieters! xx @.x.Sarah.x. @World Of Beauty @Amy @Claire

    That's a fab idea @Tamsin

    The smoothie is mainly fruit and lots of ice but I did add some skimmed milk too @Diana

  12. This all looks lovely :) I joined WW on Wednesday, I haven't started it properly yet as I went away for the weekend but will (hopefully) be in full swing with it soon!

    The WW Chocolate eclairs are lovely!


  13. I am also counting PP's! All this food looks so yummy, I will definitely have to try some of these meals out! x


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