24 Sept 2011

Bosh's baby shower

You may have seen this post which was about me and my friends planning a baby shower.  We got lots of lovely ideas from pinterest and it helped us decide on a  bit of theme and ways of doing things that we'd never have thought of.  

I thought I'd share how it turned out....

Naturally there was lots of cake - I love baking cakes =)

And mini doughnuts

I was so pleased with myself over these oreo pops but I think they could have done with being double dipped in white chocolate next time.

I tried my hand at crepe flowers 

My friend Erica made these super cute little hearts with everyone's name on as shower favours

Check out our balloon skills!

We went a bit crazy with the crepe paper... just look at the fish bowl!

Buck's fizz for mummy's arrival

And here she is enjoying the spread

Some more substantial food was added later, we didn't just gorge on cake all afternoon, honest

A classic baby shower game of... errr... pin the sperm on the egg / uterus 

Mummy to be got it bang on, nobody else was even close.  Obviously that's why she's the only Mum in our group of friends!

Unwrapping presents - cute snowsuit

We also had a couple of other games but I didn't get any photos.  We made 'wishes sheets' which have a list of different wishes for the baby which everyone fills in.  ie "I hope you grow up to be..." and you fill in the rest.  

We also played a game we saw on pinterest called waters breaking which involves freezing plastic babies into ice cubes.  The game is to see who can get their waters to break fastest by melting the ice cube and freeing the baby.  

The babies were a bit scary and by the end of the night and after a few drinks, they were getting up to all sorts of mischief.  We decided they didn't really look like babies and were more like freaky little blow up dolls!

The baby shower was lots of fun and luckily we had lots of people all helping each other to plan and set things up so it wasn't too stressful!


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Baby showers are fun! and your cakes look amazing!!! x x

  2. It looks so much fun. The cakes look gorgeous, as do the crepe flowers.
    I'm sure your friend appreciated it so much :) x

  3. pin the sperm on the egg! haha that made me laugh :)

  4. hahah these photos are brilliant! It looks like the best baby shower EVER!

  5. This looks so good! I love the pin the sperm on the egg game, brilliant! x

  6. Looks like an awesome baby shower. The cakes look so yummy! x


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