16 Sept 2011

Guest post: Benefit 'They're real' mascara review

Due to me being a complete fool, nobody could see Amy's lovely pictures on this guest post.  I've fixed it all now that I'm back from my hols, so here it is again in all its glory! Sorry Amy! x

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Hello there!

 I was so excited to get this product and that is Benefit's 'They're Real' Mascara. I went to Debenhams before work when it opened at 9am to get this on the day it came out I was that excited! However, it has taken me a long while to review Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara having read and seen amazing reviews on this product. Reviews show, '94% saw dramatic length and volume, 90% saw base to tip curl, 94% saw visible lift and 100% saw Long wearing results'. This retails at £18.50 in Debenhams and to me is very over priced. I bought mine with a voucher which I am very glad about as I would not have wasted my own money on this product after using it in the past week. To offer you the best possible review, I have been using this mascara for the last week and taken pictures for you. Also I used this on my friend and my Mum! (Thank you guys!!).  

 On the packaging there is a specific way to apply this mascara to gain the best results: 'Position wand horizontally & wiggle from side to side, base to tip, to achieve maximum volume, length & lift. Hold wand vertically & stroke upward to curl & separate. Layer generously as desired.' Positives:- This mascara does have long wearing results- Packaging is glamorous- Both my Mum and friend believed it did have some lift- You do not have to use a lot of the mascara... One coat is enough- My bottom lashes did become more lengthened Negatives:- Personally I saw no results- My eyelashes became very 'spider' like (clumpy)- When you open the mascara, the end of the brush has a lot of product on which you do have to wipe off- This causes a messy top to the mascara which you then have to wipe with a tissue Some information:My eyelashes are quite long. They are naturally curly but I don't tend to curl them even more with eye lash curlers. Sophie's (my friend) eyelashes are very short and she also curls them. My mother's eyelashes are also very short due to her being nearly 50 and she also curls her lashes.  

Sophie's eye with 'They're Real' on.

Sophie's verdict:She was pleased with what the mascara did (after poking herself in the eye!) but she said that her other daily mascara was far better and she would not buy the mascara herself. She did say that she thought my eyelashes were some what curlier.

Mum's eye with 'They're Real' on (Two coats)

Mum's verdict:My Mum applied two coats to her eyelashes and she was very pleased with the results. Her lashes did look longer but again she would not be rushing to buy herself this after being told it was a hefty £18.50!! 

My eyelashes over a few days

My verdict:Personally I would never buy this again. Even though in the photos my lashes look long... there is no difference compared to my usual mascara. My other mascara by Avon is just as good if not better. I was not pleased by the effect that it had on my eyelashes. It did not lengthen or make my eye lashes look like they were false. It is very overpriced as I mentioned before and will not be being re-bought. This product definately needs a test run before you buy it so don't hesitate to get someone at the Benefit counter to try it on you. I found that applying the mascara normally and not following the directions on the packaging, actually made more of a difference on my lashes. I feel this Mascara is for those people with short eyelashes or really long lashes... I love Benefit products and was really disappointed by this Mascara and as a loyal Benefit customer feel awful by giving one of their products a bad review but I do think that I should be honest to you all!!  

Thank you for reading and thank you ever so much to Gem for letting me guest post!

Amy's blog - Beauty Boutique


  1. I was going to look into buying this one, but I'm not sure I'll waste my money. My one's doing perfectly well atm :)
    Thank you for the really good review :)

  2. LOL..I don't like it much either and am glad I got a sample to try because I wanted to test it out, I also have fairly long lashes and don't curl them often.


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