3 Sept 2011

MUA poptastic palette review and swatches

Next up in my collection of MUA pro eyeshadow palettes is the poptastic 

It's a palette packed full of lovely jewel bright colours and it just screams summer.  Sadly we haven't had much of a summer so I've not had much opportunity to bust this palette out, but I'm going on holiday next week and this little beaut will be tucked safely in my suitcase.

Here's a close up of the colours on the left of the palette and my swatches.  I really need to get better at using picnik so that I don't have to cut the edges off my swatches next time!

I'm in love with all the different shades of turquoise in this palette.  I've got brown eyes and hair so I think turquoise works pretty well for me to create a popping summer look.  It's good that you also get a darker turquoise and a purple so that you can also go for something a little but more muted which wouldn't look out of place year round.

This is the second half of the palette and on this side I'm immediately drawn to that gold in the centre and know I'll be complimenting my tan with that one towards the end of my hols.  There are some really pretty blues in this half too.  Blue is not a colour I go for often, I tend to save it for when I have more time to play around as I think it's a colour you need to wear quite carefully to avoid looking like an eighties fashion victim.  I like the pink and purple on this side of the palette too - my two favourite colours =)

I should also mention that the colours have all got a bit of shimmer to them as well, but nothing in your face - we're talking wearable shimmer here.  I still can't get over how bargainous these palettes are for £4!  

 I was given this palette when I attend the TOWIB event earlier this year but have also bought myself some of the other colours too so I now have four in my collection.  

MUA Pro is sold in larger Superdrug stores or on the Superdrug website.

Would you rock the poptastic palette? 



  1. I love the colours in this palette especially the purples, they are really well pigmented in my opinion xx

  2. really gorgeous colours i love them!

  3. i'd not seen this one yet! The bright colours are amazing
    Nora xx

  4. So I just stumbled upon your blog, I love it! So many beautiful pictures! Keep up the good work ;D

  5. Love the colours! Especially the blues and the gold. So pigmented! But I would never wear colours on my eyes :( I look like a kid when I do haha! x


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