7 Sept 2011

Off to see the sunshine

I'm off on holiday tomorrow, so sorry for the lack of posts this week - I've been busy packing and doing some pre-holiday preening.

I have lots of lovely guest posts lined up while I'm away, so I hope you'll enjoy reading them and maybe discover some new blogs.

I'm just off to Spain for a week but hoping for lots of lovely sunshine and a relaxing time.

I always pack too much and have to worry about excess baggage charges, so I've tried to be really good and only takes things I will definitely use or wear.

The make-up - I'm not taking any foundation, just concealer and the new Liz Earle skin tint

Skin care and stuff - I've put some nail varnish remover into a little bottle to save taking a big heavy full bottle

When I was choosing my sun lotion in Boots yesterday I was attracted to this one because it claims to help you tan faster.  We shall see!

I also got the Garnier BB cream.  I wasn't sure if I would buy this or not following all the hype, but when I tried some on the back of my hand I loved it and was sold.  I really liked the consistency and the colour (medium) seemed right for me, but the main pull was the fragrance - it smells just like a baby sun cream I remember from when I was a child.  I'm going to wear this during the day for on the beach as it's got spf 15 in it.

Trying to pack light - day clothes

Evening clothes - mostly maxi dresses

I really don't need 4 swimsuits for a one week holiday, but I convinced myself I need ones with all different straps to avoid tan lines on my shoulders...

I've nearly finished packing and am now working out what books to take with me to read by the pool and am trying to think of what else I need to pack.  I'm keeping myself really limited on shoes too - one pair of beach flip flops and then one pair of flats and one pair of wedges for the evening.

The rest of my afternoon will be spent giving myself a manicure, pedicure and de-fuzzing.

I'll be back in a week with lots of pictures - fingers crossed it's hot!



  1. Have a good one :) And different swimwear to avoid tanlines is completely acceptable!

  2. Hope you have a good time! :) xx

  3. Hope you have a good time! That's such a good idea for avoiding tan lines! xx

  4. Have a lovely holiday :)
    Hope it's hot! Also, I took 4 swimsuits with me on holiday...definitely justified! xx

  5. Hope you enjoy your holiday (: taking 4 swimsuits to avoid the tan lines is genius! xx

  6. I've always alternated swimsuits with different straps so that I don't get tan lines - I didn't realise it was a tip, I thought everybody did it!

    Thanks for all wishing me a good holiday... not long to go now!

  7. Have fun in Spain, while I'm at college in the rain! Jealous! xxx

  8. Hope you have the most amazing time xxx


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