2 Sept 2011

What's on my airport shopping list?

You'll probably see me mention I'm going on holiday about a zillion times over the next few days, so apologies in advance if that gets annoying!

I wanted to make a list of things I might buy in duty free, so I thought why not share it and see if there's anything else you'd recommend I need to snap up =) 

I've decided I shall be treating myself to the world's most beautifully packaged lipstick - the YSL rouge volupté. I haven't decided what colour yet, probably a dusky pink or peach.

Rouge VoluptéRouge Volupté

I've been lusting after the new Benefit 'they're real' mascara for ages.  I think it just went on general sale a few days ago and I'm not sure whether I'll be able to get it at the airport or not but I thought I'd chance it to save a couple of pounds off the £18.50 rrp.

I fancy treating myself to a new perfume too as a lot of the ones in my collection have run out lately or are getting really low.  

I might get Nina again because I really like it, or I might have a sniff around and try something new.
N5,Nina Ricci perfumes,NinaRicci Nina EDT the women 30ML,Easy to follow suit style
J'adore is my all time favourite perfume, so I might check if they have any deals or something, but it's really expensive so I probably won't get it.

I was also planning to get this MAC brush set, but I had a look at them when I was in Edinburgh airport the other day - I felt the foundation stippling brush (red one) and it wasn't what I expected.  I thought it would be all dense bristles like my Sigma F80 but it was sort of sparse and wispy.  Bicky on twitter told me it's because they're machine made whereas a single full size MAC brush you can buy is handmade.  In any case, they were sold out in Edinburgh so I couldn't have bought them no matter how good or bad they were.  
I might get a MAC lippie instead, but I can't actually remember whether Gatwick sells it or not and which terminal is which, so I'll have to see when I get there.  

And lastly I'm going to check out Ted Baker to see what the duty free discount is like on one of these pretty purses
I usually also have a little browse of accessorize and pick up a few sparkly little things that I don't really need =)

What are your airport must hauls?


  1. I have three sets of those Mac brushes- the mini mes- sandbar i few think they are fab quality :)

    just to warn you when i went to gatwick mac stand in north terminal she had run out of tones of things too.. grrr! xxx

  2. I just bought a YSL lippy in No2 Sensual Silk and I love it :)

    Enjoy ya shopping n ya holiday :)




  3. @city girls fashion box - maybe I should check out the other set of eye / lip brushes then? I only touched the foundation brush and it just wasn't what I expected so I didn't really inspect the others! Every time I plan to buy a specific lipstick at duty free they're sold out, so annoying!

    @Claire - oooh what colour is that? Is it the dark nude one?

  4. I'm going away on Friday and thought I was the only person who made airport lists!! I've a YSL lippie on my list too and a shadow or 2 from mac :)

  5. Im hopefully going to be getting some YSL rouge volupte lipsticks, I agree the packaging of them is beautiful. Sadley I wont be getting them on duty free as I'm not jetting away to anywhere nice anytime soon!


  6. I need one of those YSL lippies, definitely going on my birthday wishlist! Have a fab holidayx


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