18 Oct 2011

Disney couture wishes bangle

When I showed my USA haul recently, I mentioned I got something in a little purple pouch....

It was a Disney wishes bracelet =)  

I'm not sure of its real name, but I've been calling it 'the wishes bracelet' for as long as I've been thinking about getting it.

I really love all things Disney but most of the cutesy things are not really pieces you can wear every day (unless you want to be stared at on the tube).  But, this doesn't have a mickey mouse shape anywhere to be seen and I think it's grown up enough to not be considered as kiddie jewellery.  

The inscription wraps round so here are a few photos from each angle

"When you wish upon a star your dreams come true"  

A lovely quote to live by.  I've been really into gold costume jewellery for a while now so this ties in with everything plus I love the little dangly star for extra sparkle.

Do you like Disney jewellery or am I just a massive child?

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  1. I've wanted that bracelet for so so long now. It's 100% on my Christmas list this year. Absolutely adore Disney Couture! xxx

  2. i think im a massive child aswell haha..my boyfriend bought me the pirates bracelet for our anniversary and i cant stop wearing it..theres nothing wrong in disney couture, i think alot of the jewellery is quite elegant :) xx

  3. I've been after this bracelet for so long! I love Disney Couture jewellery! I bought the long necklace with the balloon that has tinkerbell sat inside it - I get quite a few compliments!

    My description was probably pretty rubbish there, it's this one : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Disney-Couture-Oxidised-Tinkerbell-Necklace/dp/B0046REARW


  4. That is so cute, I really want it!!!

    Sarah xx

  5. I love this! The packaging is as adorable as the product (: x

  6. Aww that's really cute :) do they do more? xx

  7. That is gorgeous! I love Disney Couture xx

  8. Aww I was wondering what was in the purple pouch!! I love it so much! I have the Alice in Wonderland moulded key bracelet, the 'Drink me' pendant and the Hatters hats stud earrings lol I don't think we are too old at all ;) xxx

  9. Oh forgot to say, I love the new header aswell :) xxx

  10. I'm a huge Disney fan and i love their jewellery! Gorgeous!

  11. I really love the disney couture stuff I think they do a few bits on ebay and they are so cute. This bracelet is adorable and the quote is so lovely xx

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  12. I have gold earrings in the shape of Areil :] I proper love DC xxx

  13. So pleased you all love it! I was worried I'd get comments telling me to grow up, haha! xx


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