25 Oct 2011

Kicking off the Christmas wish list - Front Cover gift sets

I may have mentioned before that my Mum is already bugging me for my Christmas list.  I have lots of ideas in my head but I need to write them down for her (together with instructions on where to buy).  I know I definitely want a couple of the Front Cover gift sets, but I need to decide which ones.  

I first had a Front Cover set (which may have been this one) when they first came out in Boots, which I think may have been two years ago.  This year I think they've really ramped it up a bit and lots of the sets are catching my eye.  There are lots more on the Boots website that they show in the little Christmas gift guide.  

These are the sets which I'm deciding between.  

A Billion Stars - £35
What's not to love about this kit?  Okay so I might not ever find an appropriate occasion for wearing a face full of stick on stars, but I still need them in my life.  What's so much better about this set than the one I owned a couple of years ago is that you can remove the eyeshadows and put four of them at a time in a little palette.  I think this was a bit of a flaw with previous sets like this, as the box is rather large and in time you might want to get rid of it and just keep the products, which you now can with this version. 

As well as a good variety of bling colours (this is not a neutral palette!) I like the mix of different textures too.   

Airkiss - £20
I've been really uhmming and ahhing over this kit more than most of them.  I'm completely in two minds about this set.  My head ponders whether the lipsticks might not be very good quality, whereas my heart excitedly coos "wow 20 lipsticks, look at all the pretty colours".  The conclusion I'm coming to is that at £1 each (that's not counting the lipliner and retractable lip brush) you probably can't go wrong.

 Brush works nail art kit - £20
I know I don't really need this kit full of sparkly little gems, nail wraps and what-not, as I have nail art supplies, but I want it.  I like the fact that it's all laid out neatly for me with some pictures for inspiration on what to create.  I'm totally lazy and hardly ever get around to the effort of doing some nail art, but with a set that makes it this simple, I'd be much more likely to get involved.  I can imagine this keeping me entertained on Christmas day while everyone else is watching Doctor Who.  It might also make a good gift for my nail art experimenting chum - I hope she's not reading this!

 Micro rainbow eyes - £12
I love the idea of this kit.  It's 9 different coloured eyeshadows and an eyeliner pen which turns each of the shadows into eyeliner.  I can see I'd get more use out of some colours than others, but it might inspire me to be a little more adventurous.  The only thing stopping me adding this kit straight to the top of my list is my funny eyes.  I get eyeliner transfer onto my upper lid incredibly easily and can usually only use quick drying liquid or waterproof eyeliners.  I think I may need to look up a review or two on this set and suss out whether it'll be suitable for me or not.  If, unlike me, you have normal, well-behaved eyelids, I think this set would be fab.

 Moon dust - £16
This set didn't grab me at all at first glance.  My Mum picked it up in Boots and showed it to me so I had a closer inspection of the contents.  What I didn't realise at first is that this is a set of what look to be rather amazing pigments.  Actually 6 of them are pigments and two are holographic glitters.  Other than the lime green, which is perhaps only for the very brave, or those appearing on "The Only Way is Essex", I think the colours are extremely pretty and wearable.  It also comes with an eye base to help apply the pigments.  I think I really want this one... the moment I typed 'holographic glitters' clinched it!  

The Point is pink - £20
I don't really wear pink makeup much, so it's odd for me to like this kit.  I think it's the pretty lashes on the box which lured me in!  The kit has some really pretty pink and lilac sparkly shadows but I'm not sure I'd make enough use of it.  This is one I'd probably snap up if I saw it in the sales after Christmas, but otherwise I'll leave it to the pink lovers out there.

 Top drawer - £16
I'm laughing at myself as I write this as I've just realised that beautiful as this set of pencils is, I already own all of these colours!  I've got two different Urban Decay pencil sets from previous Christmases and the colours are literally so similar.  Having said that, these might be a great dupe for some of the Urban Decay colours, they're certainly a more purse friendly price.

Phew, and I'm done.  I think there are 14 sets all together in the range and I want 7 of them, ooops.  I'm such a greedy so and so.  

I can't have them all,  so I've decided the ones I'm putting on my list are A Billion Stars, Air Kiss, Brush Works and Moon Dust.  Don't be surprised if I change my mind though, I just did whilst typing that and I meant to narrow it down to 3 sets not 4!  It's okay though, I'm applying the rule of shopping maths, the sets are all in the 3 for 2 offer in Boots, so  as one's free I can pick a fourth....

What do you think?  Have I made the right choices?  Will any of these be on your Christmas list?


  1. I’ve been eyeing these up in store too. Didn’t see the eyeliner pencils one though, think that might be what I go for.

  2. Sabrina from Alittleobsessed swatched the Airkiss lipsticks and the quality seems good.
    Here's the link-

  3. I really want the nail art one, even though I have lots of nail art stuff already. In fact, I want them all! xx

  4. Wow, these look so beautiful. My mom have asked me the same thing haha. She always starts early with xmas gift shopping. Need to make a list too :)

    Xo, Christine♥

  5. They look so lovely, may have to add one to my chrsitmas list! xx

  6. Ahhh this post is great :) Definitely going to put this on my list of things to buy!!!

  7. I love the look of the moon dust one!! xx


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