28 Oct 2011

Limited edition vaseline lip therapy: Crème brûlée

You may have heard that Vaseline are bringing out their first flavoured version of their infamous lip tins - they originally announced this without saying what the flavour was going to be, to stir up a little mystery - oooh!

I read a blog post from someone who had been sent the new flavour, but it was in plain packaging and she had to try to guess the flavour.  She guessed vanilla, but that seemed a bit too obvious to me.  I decided that it was going to be marshmallow flavour for some reason, but I was also wrong as the flavour has been unveiled as crème brûlée - yum!
I always have several tins of Vaseline lip therapy on the go - one on my dressing table and then others dotted around in all my handbags.  I usually buy the aloe vera version in the green tin, but I'm definitely planning to pick up this new Crème brûlée version and give it a try. It's exclusive to Selfridges and costs £2.99.  I hope it's not too tasty otherwise I might lick it all off my lips, and that would defeat the object!  

What did you think the mystery flavour was going to be?  Will you be trying this?



  1. Ohhh I'm definitely going to have to try this one! xx

  2. oh rad! I have a few of the normal flavour tubs on high rotation too- but this looks awesome!

    I'm now following you- awesome blog!

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  3. I really want to try this - I love crème brûlée!

  4. Will definitely be trying this. I usually use the one in the green tin too, I love it. Creme Brulee is one of my favourite desserts ;)


  5. This sounds incredible but I think I'll probably eat more than I actually put on my lips!


  6. Mmmmmm creme brulee. Shame it's exclusive to Selfridges, it doesn't seem worth making the trip just for £2.99. x


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