9 Oct 2011

Little updates

I've been so busy this week I've hardly had any time to blog :( I've had lots of ideas and taken lots of photos though, so I just need to catch up.  

My Mum and Brother got back from Florida, so I'll have a USA haul coming up =)  I've also been organizing a little birthday dinner for my friend and getting presents and things ready for my boyfriend's birthday.  

Lately I've been on a bit of a mad tidying spree so sorry if this post comes over a little OCD

First up is my bathroom shelves.  I had a complete overhaul and threw out some old products that I wasn't going to use up and also got out and displayed some products from pretty gift sets I got last Christmas or birthday.

This shelf is my favourite and totally appeals to my anal side

I was given this big dish as a present.  Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, maybe something with candles?  It's sitting on a coaster btw, it doesn't have a random blue base.

I've decided to have a little Halloween fun family evening and I'm gong to be cooking up all sorts of spooky treats so I've been collecting up some little bits to decorate my dining room.  I tried some of them out to see how they would look even though Halloween is still weeks away.

I had my first ever try at making bread (it's sun dried tomato and cheese tear and share bread).  Sadly the only photo I got was of it still on the baking tray and after the bf had eaten some!

A huge spider my bf found in one of his koi measuring bowls.  When he tipped it out it totally made a bolt for the house so I screamed and slammed the doors!

Continuing my tidy theme I put all my Lush bombs and bubble bars in this wire basket display.  I've been meaning to do this for ages.  I really need to get my Lush stocks used up, I still have some from last Christmas!

I tidied all the drawers where I keep underwear, leggings etc.  Not very exciting I know, but I'm rather impressed with how well laid out all my tights are now, so I thought I'd share.  Tights always seem to roll themselves into a bundle in my drawer so much so that I'd rather open a new packet than go rummaging, but now I can see everything =)

I made a mojito slush using lots of limes, splenda, mint and smushed ice.  It would go well with some rum in it too

Something else I've been meaning to do for ages was to fill all the empty photo frames in my house.  I got holiday and other pictures printed through snapfish and went crazy.  This is my favourite frame at the moment.    Hard to photograph because the actual frame is mirrored.

And I updated all the photos on my fridge with the pictures I had left after filling all my frames

 I'm currently having a go at making a youtube video about my giveaway.  I've never done that before so not sure if I'll manage it or not!  I might need to ask for some tips on twitter

The giveaway ends on 23 October, so there's still plenty of time to enter here 


  1. Fab bathroom storage, what are those hot butter fudge and other yummy sounding treats on the left hand side? x

  2. That storage is great, love how organised it is!


  3. Absolutely love this post. I'm the same as you and always want my bathroom looking like a showroom, so I love how you've arranged it! Maybe put some clear marbles in the bowl and put some candles in? xxx

  4. @Nicole - they're a brand called N Spa and you can get them at Asda

    @ Emma - Thank you

    @Tamsin oooh lovely idea xx

  5. Love the shelves and THAT spider made me shiver. X

  6. I love that White basket tower thingy! Where's it from?

    Lauren x

  7. omg your bathroom shelf's are AMAZING!I LOVE IT!!!! You are so organized its great. Your leggings are so neat! lol my drawers need a bit of organizing =/
    The pictures also look really fun! =D

  8. Super organised! That spider made me jump!
    You could put some water in the bowl and have floating tea lights? x

  9. Gosh, you're so organised!!

    I love the starberry mushroom bomb from lush, it's my favourite! I bet your room smells lovely :)


  10. Wow someone has been mega productive eh?!
    I love your bathroom shelves, and especially your collection of Mini Philosophy products :)

  11. i love your bathroom shelves !
    i wish i was as organized as you ! :)

  12. Awww your LUSH bath bombs and bubble bars is so cute! I need something like this too!


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