23 Oct 2011

Little updates

It was the bf's birthday last week, so we had a day off work and ventured into London to spend a day doing, whatever he wanted.  He chose to go and see the dinosaurs at the National History museum, so we did (check out the T Rex) followed by a late lunch at Carluccio's which was delish.  

We had a little mooch around and on the way home we picked up some gorgeous looking cakes to have with candles at home.  As it was just the two of us there was no point buying or making a big cake - it's always dangerous to have left-over cake lying around the house.  

The rather spectacular looking candle was from a £1 shop.  When you light the centre it gives off loads of sparkles and then lights the outer candles which unfold on the flower petals while it sings happy birthday.  Wow, what a show for £1!  It also carried on singing for days!

One of my best friends from school had a gorgeous little baby boy, so when I when round to visit I took this adorable little pumpkin outfit.  Not the most practical of gifts for a newborn I'm sure, but I don't pretend to know much about babies, I just picked what looked cute.  

I've been steadily sabotaging my weight watchers efforts lately and these are my current weapons of choice. Nom nom nom.
It's not payday yet, but there's so much I want to buy, so I finally got around to putting these on eBay.  I have a massive Stitch collection (if you don't know what Stitch is, shame on you, go rent Lilo and Stitch immediately!) and it was time to get rid of my least favourites as I've just got far too many.  Have you ever had this problem where you like something and everyone knows you like it, so suddenly you get inundated with that favourite thing every birthday and Christmas?  That's what's happened here - I do love Stitch, but I only want to own the best and cutest ones - what made my boyfriend think I needed "fortune teller" Stitch in my life?!  

A few have sold already which is very exciting as I now have cash in my paypal account to SPEND!!

If you like Stitch or know someone who does and want to browse the ones I'm selling, have a look here

And finally, I threw a mini birthday bash for one of my friends from work.  It began as a rather classy affair with flowers, balloons and cake (yes another sparkly flower candle)

But it descended into some drunken nonsense - all the best events do

So that was my week.  Also, the beady-eyed amongst will have noticed another thing I've done this week is learnt how to make photo collages!  I think it's perfect for my "Little updates" posts - I hope you like it.

Ooooh and blogs to follow... I've been rubbish at keeping tabs on which are the newest blogs I've started following this week - why can't blogger or google reader show your subscriptions in date order?  Grrrrr.  So instead I'm sharing the blogs of some of my lovely readers who like to leave me sweet comments that make me =)

Butterfly Boo





Enjoy xx



  1. Thank you for the mention :) how did you do your photos? Want to go and see the national museum. Me and the bf want to plan a weekend in London as it's about 4 hours from us xx

  2. @Amy - I never do enough stuff in London, it's silly because it's only a short train journey away from me! The photos are done with Picasa xx

  3. I love the new photo layout.
    It sounds like you've had such a fun week, I want you to organise me a birthday bash complete with flower candle haha!
    Thanks for the mention lovely xx


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