24 Oct 2011

Perfume collection - the empties

I'm such an indecisive little thing that I change my perfume from day to day, according to my mood.  Because of this, I've managed to end up finishing nearly all of my perfumes at the same time.  This could prove to be an expensive issue!  Luckily I had a back up bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy and one or two other half full bottles, so I should be okay to wait until Christmas and the sales for some new smells.

I thought I'd do a brief little review on these perfumes now that I've finished them.  I haven't a clue about describing scents and top notes and all that business, so I'll just detail what it smells like to me and how much I liked it, as well as listing the main fragrance ingredients. 

Clockwise from top left

Marc Jacobs Daisy

The packaging on this perfume is gorgeous and it's what drew me to it originally.  I'm now onto my third bottle of this one as it's a firm favourite.  The flowers on the bottle lid leave you in no doubt as to the fragrance inside, it's a seriously heavy floral scent and I really love it. Apparently this lovely smell is made up of wild strawberry, ruby red grapefruit, musk and vanilla.

Christian Dior J'adore 

This is probably my all time favourite perfume.  I've been wearing it for years and have lost count how many bottles I've been through.  To me this is a really grown up smell and I think it'd be my signature perfume if only it wasn't so expensive!  The ingredients making this beaut are ylang-ylang, turkish rose and plum.

Benefit maybe baby

I've had this perfume a very long time and I'm not actually sure they make it any more!  It's a very sweet fragrance which to me smells very peachy.  It also reminds me of some sort of beauty play set I had when I was a child, but I can never quite remember what it was.  I'm bang on with the sniffing skills here - it does contain peach as well as apricot, white ginger, Himalayan poppy and fresh water blossom. 

Paul Smith floral

I remember buying this when I was on holiday and it struck me as a really summery perfume.  It's a floral and citrusy sort of smell.  It took me a long time to use this up as it doesn't smell as nice on my skin as it does in the bottle unfortunately.  This one is a mixture of orange, pink grapefruit, fresh ginger, orchid, musk, amber and loads more.

Boss orange sunset

I got this perfume this year for my birthday after picking it out.  I was originally drawn to the bottle and wasn't disappointed by the lovely orangey vanilla smell.  I've used this up fairly quickly and I'd definitely buy it again. It's not an expensive perfume either, I think quite a large bottle was only £30.  The main fragrances in this perfume are orange flower, tuberose, sandalwood and vanilla.

Britney Spears fantasy

This perfume was a gift I didn't pick out.  I probably wouldn't have picked it for myself as it's a very sweet perfume.  It includes kiwi, white chocolate, musk, lychee, jasmine, orchid and quince. Last time I sprayed this it smelled very strange and I actually think it might have gone off! The bottle's still half full but I'm letting this one go.

Ralph Lauren Glamorous

My boyfriend chose this for me - I'd never hinted I wanted it and had never even smelled it before.  He took a bit of a risk but it paid off as it is a very me fragrance.  Floral but quite a chic, sophisticated smell.  It's sort of a cross between J'adore and Daisy in a way.  This perfume is made up of musk, vetiver(?) and lily.  

Nina Ricci Nina 

This is another perfume that I got through very quickly.  I bought it after smelling it on my friend and loving it.  I've also bought it as a gift for someone else since and will be putting it on this year's Christmas list.  It's a lovely fruity smell without being sickly sweet.  The description says it's rich florals, fruits and woodsy greens that make up this pretty smelling scent.  

Britney Spears Curious 

Another gift perfume which I probably wouldn't have chosen but ended up quite liking.  However as with the other Britney perfume, I think this one went off too as there's a tiny bit in the bottle and it smells a little bit funny.  I remember liking it enough to wear it and almost use up the bottle but can't really remember the smell - it's apparently white florals.  

So that's my empties.  The pricier perfumes like J'adore and Daisy tend to be my favourites which is a shame because I can't afford to buy them so much, but I also really liked some of the newer mid range ones too like Nina and Orange Sunset.  It seems the slightly more expensive perfumes might last longer too - I never realised perfume can go off!

What's your favourite perfume?



  1. I have not seen Ralph Lauren 'Glamorous' for a long, long time! I really loved that scent too. Would love to own it again.

  2. OMGGG u have so of my fav, i love dasiy by MJ, i use it almost every spring and summer, smells amazing, hope u can follow back im ur new follower Britters89.blogspot.com

  3. i've worn the same pergfume for about the last 9 or 10 yrs..dune by christian doir is my go-to, and i'm not very good at trying new scents, although recently i did smell the jean paul gaultier clazzique which i think i will be asking for for christmas..


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