2 Oct 2011

Pretty dresses from boohoo

I'm considering a boohoo.com order as I've seen a few lovely dresses.  I was inspired to have a browse after seeing one of the dresses on Sarah's blog - a million dresses - she loves her dresses even more than me!

This is the dress Sarah had her eye on

It's a beaut and I'm thinking about getting it in this berry colour, although I do really like the pink too.  It hasn't got sleeves so I'd need to wear it with a jacket or cardigan but that should be okay as it'll obviously go with black.

I also really like these dresses which are quite similar but do have sleeves, hooray for sleeves!

And lastly I'm tempted by this black dress purely because of the little bows on the sleeves (sleeves! I'm obsessed!)

Each of these are only £20 and I've got a 20% discount code (autumn20), so I'm very tempted to order them all but I'm just not sure if they'll fit as they only come in small - medium and medium - large.  I think it's a bit risky and I'll be gutted if I have to send them all back!  

If I give in and order them I'll update on what they're like =)  

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  1. I love the blue and beige one..oh so tempting! xx

  2. I have had my eye on the 1st two dresses... So pretty xx

  3. I want the yellow dress with all of my heart!! :] They are all gorgeous! :]

  4. Can't quite decide between the berry and the yellow one. But knowing me I'd purchase both! Ha. xo

  5. Love your choices - I've just placed a boohoo order for two dresses although not any of the ones you have your eye one.

    About boohoo sizes, I ordered a dress from them a few weeks ago and went for M/L. I'm a size 12/14 and thought that seemed like the best choice. It fits fine but is a little bit tight across the chest and my boobies are only average sized so I think if you had a really big chest you'd struggle to fit in the dress. Hope that helps xx

  6. wow all are bautiful
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