26 Oct 2011

Rainbow cake - the second attempt with gel food colours

In this post I showed you my first go at making a rainbow layer cake.  It all went rather well, apart from colouring the cake mix with regular food dye.  I'd heard that gel food colourings were best, so I bought some from here and got to work on rainbow cake v2.0 (what a geek I am)

The method is fairly obvs from the photos, but if you'd like the recipe for the actual cake, have a look at this post - it's the same just with vanilla instead of lemon flavouring.  The recipe for my frosting is on that post too.

So, gel food colours - I found them much easier to work with than your usual liquid food colour in little bottles that you get in the supermarket.  A little goes a very long way and as you can see here, I used a cocktail stick to add a tiny amount of colour.  They're easily buildable too so although I've gone for fairly soft looking colours here, you can make them a lot bolder.  It's also worth keeping in mind that the cooking process somehow deepens the colour too - like when regular pale yellow cake mix produces a golden coloured cake.
I've got six gel colours in red, blue, yellow, black, pink and purple.  I could have bought a set of ten with more colours, but as they're slightly pricey (it was £11.75 for 6) I figured I could mix green, orange etc with these ones.  Although, I do think they're very good value now that I've seen how very little you need to use to get a good colour.
And voilà, a rainbow cake in a fetching C shape - don't ask!  I mixed it up a little with the frosting between the cake layers by using Nutella and frosting alternately.  It made the cake extra tasty.  

I used my rainbow sprinkles again to continue the theme on the outside of the cake.  I got a few people asking where to get these sprinkles last time I showed them - I've had them for a long time but I've found some for sale for you here.  

Rainbow cakes are rather easy to make in comparison to the wow factor you get when an unsuspecting friend cuts into it and gets a colourful surprise!  I'm baking another cake this week for a celebration buffet at work and I'm definitely going to do a rainbow cake as I know everyone will be impressed.  I'm thinking about trying an ombre rainbow cake, wish me luck!

If anyone has any questions on how to make these types of cakes just leave me a comment and I will do my best to help =)



  1. That looks so cool! I may have to try it to impress my friends! xx

  2. whenever i see these posts i instantly want to bake and eat cake! haha looks amazing xx

  3. Looks so good! Love the look of rainbow cake! x

  4. This is so pretty, the colours are really bright :-)

  5. Love this and thank you for the links for the gels and sprinkles, I'm defo going to try this soon, I will be sure to link you in my post hun xx

  6. I love your blog. Always something fun and exciting in it!

  7. Looks really good!


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