11 Oct 2011

September / October Primark haul

I had just a quick browse around Pri and came away with a few bits.  I can't believe I didn't get any accessories - possibly a first!  There just wasn't anything that caught my eye.

This is what I picked up

Feather print shirt - £12

Paisley print shirt - £12

Not sure if I'm keeping this, much prefer the feather one

Paisley print again in another colour.  Now I've tried this on I'm not sure I like the pattern.

The snuggliest snowflake pj bottoms - £5

Cupcake tea towels - £3

A zip up jumper for the bf - £12

And some fun sponge bob pjs for the bf

Possibly my smallest ever Primark haul.  A bit disappointing really, there just wasn't much new or interesting stuff about.

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  1. Oooh I love that first blouse - I don't often shop at Primark but may have to make an exception for that beauty!
    Also glad to see that the PJs are in store now - Primark release them every winter in different colours and they are the best thing ever!!! xxx

  2. Oooh, I seen that feather shirt on and it was gorgeous! Really want to get one, hope I find one as someone is selling them for a ridiculous amount on ebay!

  3. Damn Not all the pics are showing for me (prob just my lappy) but I just love that feather print blouse! Also a fan of primark pjs!
    Nic x

  4. Love the pjs! Pjs are definitely my guilty pleasure, and in primark they're so cheap!
    Nice haul, sure the bf is really pleased too! :) xx

  5. ohh i have those pjs in navy, soooo warm!!! xx

  6. Love the blouses, Primark's getting berre, and I notice more expensive aswell :)

  7. I love the feather top and I have them pjs but in blue... they are the comfiest things ever!! xx

  8. I'm wearing the snowflake PJs right now! I also have the spongebob bottoms for myself!
    The top shirt is gorgeous xx

  9. those pjs look so cute! :)

  10. Ugh I'm so jealous everytime I see a Primark haul - we don't have it where I live sadly :( It's the most amazing store ever! Love the pyjama bottoms you got, they look sooo comfy <3


  11. Love the feather print shirt. I have those pj bottoms too, so snuggly :).

    Sadie x


  12. i'm totally in love with the feather shirt. I managed to pick one up in Bristol for £5 last week but they only had 1 and it was an 8 (i'm a 12) it fits but i'd like it a bit bigger. Does anyone know if Primark are still actually selling these or if i was just lucky to find it? x


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