14 Oct 2011

USA haul - loads of goodies from my Mum and lil' Bro

In no particular order, here's all the lush stuff my Mum and Brother brought me back from Florida =)

Too faced matte eye shadow collection palette 
I collect these and this is the fifth one to come out so far.  Expect a full review soon!

Something from Disney Couture... I shall reveal what's inside this pretty little purple pouch in another post.  For now all I'll say is that what's inside is sprinkled with fairy dust!

If you've never been to Disney you won't really get this.  If you have, you might be dribbling on your keyboard right now.  The totally amazing, extremely naughty but completely worth it Disney fudge!

Chocolate, birthday cake and vanilla.  Ultimate noms.

An extra fluffy cookie monster because the one my boyfriend bought me just wasn't fluffy enough  

Sally Hansen nail polish strips

Halloween peeps!

A despicable me minion - Heather will be so jel of this

Ooops more food!  Harry Potter peppermint frogs and Hershey's cookies and creme drops (this type of Hershey's doesn't taste / smell like sick - result)

Lashes with applicators from Kiss.  I'm hopeless at applying fake lashes so I hope these will be easy peasy.   

MUFE smoky lash mascara - to be reviewed soon

Urban Decay book of shadows IV (4) 
More pics / swatches of this beauty coming up soon 

It's all about the US food!  
Chester's flamin' hot fries, kettlecorn (cinnamon sugar flavour) and Flipz

A pumpkin carving kit with a how-to book!  Can't wait for Halloween now

Yankee candle vanilla cupcake lip balm

Lots of lovely little Yankee candle votives

Goldfish and goldfish lunch box!

The bf got the shark version

And finally, a Harry Potter pumpkin juice magnet and some Halloween themed cupcake supplies

My bf got an actual bottle of Harry Potter pumpkin juice.  It smells like Christmas but tastes a bit funky!

I love everything American and I wish I could get hold of stuff from there easily all the time.  

I did a USA / UK blogger swap once before which went really well, so if anyone else fancies it in the future let me know =)

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  1. I am mega jealous of your make up palettes! I think my favourite thing is the fish and shark lunch boxes though

  2. I love all american stuff too, especially the food. Flipz are amazinggg. Can't wait to try the Harry Potter stuff when I get there. Looking forward to all the reviews xx

  3. Oh my goodness, you did so well!
    The lunchboxes are adorable, and the food looks so yummy :) xx

  4. Very jel of that Goldfish cracker lunch box

  5. Can't wait to see both the eyeshadow palettes and the MUFE XX

  6. I never knew Too Faced had a matte eye shadow palette?! Is it new?

    Aww those lunboxes are too cute! And I wish we had Yankee candles (and lipbalmns!) here in Canada!

  7. Oh my word that Disney fudge....yes I'm drooling! x

  8. So much yummy food and I can't eat it because I'm trying to be hardcore on weight watchers at the mo. Maybe I'll take grapes in my goldfish lunchbox!

    @Gaby - yes it's new out recently in the US, not sure when it will be over here


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