4 Nov 2011

Beetle juice, Beetle juice, Beetlejuice! Models own review and swatches

I've managed to get my hands on the polishes everyone's talking about - models own beetle juice!
I bought these in a set of 3 from asos for £10 which is a good saving considering they are £5 each.  I also got free delivery so a good deal I reckon.  The only downside was that I couldn't choose which of the polishes I would get, these three - Emerald Black, Pinky Brown and Golden Green - were the only option.  The main one I was interested in was Emerald Green, so as that was included, I bought this set of three.

As I expected, Emerald Green is my favourite.  It's probably the least 'beetlejuicy' of the lot, but I just really love the colour and the subtle glitter.  I needed two coats of this one to get a good colour, but it went on very easily and I really like the finished effect.  

This is Pinky Brown and I think it's much nicer and more wearable in real life than in some of the promotional pictures.  I actually thought I was going to hate this polish, so I was pleasantly surprised.  It some pictures it looked like orange glitter, but in real life it's a pinky bronze shade and it's very glittery.  This is an Autumn glam colour to me, so I think I'll actually get quite a lot of wear from it.  I did three coats to get this level of coverage.

My least favourite unfortunately is golden green.  It's not my sort of colour and really rather reminds me of caterpillars, so I don't think it's something I'll wear other than for these swatches.  Into the blog sale bag you go! Oddly I got a sort of lumpy issue with this one when I applied it, but it's probably because I put three coats on without leaving any drying time in between.  

The colours only really show their proper beetle-juicy-ness in natural day light, and sadly as I don't see any of that during the week now because I'm at work, these swatches were all done with artificial light, with and without flash.  I guess it gives you an idea of what they'll look like when you're indoors and on gloomy days like the ones we're constantly having now!

All in all, I'm glad I bought this set.  It was a bargain, I got Emerald Black which I really wanted and found out that I like Pinky Brown, which I would never have bought individually.  

Did you get any of the beetlejuice collection?  What's your favourite?

PS - I took all of these snaps with my new iphone - rather impressed with the quality for a phone camera.


  1. They are all nice i even like the slime green one! xxx

  2. Caterpillars are awesome! You got a good deal though!

  3. How are Models Own nail polishes for staying power? So far my go-to ones are OPI and Nails Inc. Afraid to branch out and buy others just to have them chip easily! x

  4. @Katherine - to be honest I'm not the right person to ask, as on me, all polishes chip by the second day. It doesn't matter what I try they always chip - I must claw the walls in my sleep or something! The main polishes I own are OPI, Nails Inc and Models Own and I like them all the same xx


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