20 Nov 2011

Little updates

I've had such a stupidly busy time with work this week that there's not been much time to get up to any other excitement or to blog.  Next week's going to be just as busy too, but ah well, it's not forever.  

So here's what I've been up to this week aside from working really hard!

I bought these boots from Dorothy Perkins and I'm so happy because they fit my chubby calves and I actually like them too!  They were £60 but I got 20% off which made them £48.  

I've been mostly snuggling up in this reindeer blanket from Primark because it's turned so cold

My nails have been blinging out in OPI rainbow connection - see my post on it here

Testing out Costa's Christmas offerings.  As I didn't like the praline mocha in Starbucks I decided not to try the Praline latte in Costa and went for Blackforest hot chocolate instead - it was extreme noms

I thought a Belgian chocolate cherry slice would go nicely with it, but it was gross

I've been slow to get in the festive mood this year, probably because I've been really busy, so I've been browsing Christmas magazines and gift guides

I've been using Lush lemony flutter cuticle butter non-stop since I got it because it smells so amazing - see my review here

I've asked for lots of the new Lush range for Christmas, so I'm trying to use up my stash

I've been considering making you tube videos for a little while now, but I just couldn't figure out how to hook  up my camera or iphone to my laptop.  My laptop has a built in web cam but the quality is shockingly bad.  This morning while I was soaking in the bath with a Lush Satsumo Santa, my bf snuck out and bought me this!  I was so surprised and it was so sweet of him =)

I've had it a few weeks now so it's about time I mentioned the wonder that is the iphone 4s.  If you have an iphone 4 then you probably wouldn't notice much difference, but I had a 3G which was on its last legs, so to me the 4s is amazingly quick and full of exciting new features 

I've been hauling nail polish like a mad person.  My first youtube vid is going to be a nail polish haul (once I get the hang of the camera and stop saying "ummm.." and touching my hair every second)

So that was my week

If you've not yet had a look at my blog sale, please check it out here.  I'm selling clothes in all sizes between 8 and 16 and most things are just £5



  1. That is so cute of your boyf :)
    I really badly want an iphone 4s, I've got the 3g but am stuck in my contract for another year :(

  2. Your phone is laavely!
    It's such a sweet thing of your bf to buy you that, can't wait to see the videos! :) xx

  3. So sweet of bf. You're lucky!


  4. I just love your blog seriously!!! it's awesome! thanks for blogging :)


  5. I hope there is lush stuff for me!


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