14 Nov 2011

More Christmas shopping, but this time for me!

I've literally had these Sigma brushes on my Christmas wish list all year and am so excited because the bf just ordered them online, wooo!

I had a little moment where I wasn't sure if I was making the right choice.  Coral or purple is a tough decision you know!  And I'd forgotten to consider shipping when I told the bf how much they were going to be, ooops!  But, we found a code for 10% off - which is IN2011 if you fancy some for yourself - and the order was done.  Eeeeek so excited for Christmas now! =) 

If you're wondering, the brushes came to £75 when converted to Sterling and including the shipping and discount.  You can buy them here.

What was the first thing on your Christmas wish list this year?



  1. Hmmmm mine was the Enrapture Jumbo Waver :) xx

  2. I want these so much and for £75 thats actually an amazing deal concidering how much a MAC brush costs alone! Sigma brushes are great quality too and you get loads in this kit. DEFFO going on my christmas list!

  3. @Amy now that was possibly the second thing on my list haha! Although I want to totem styler. Trying to save up my Boots points for it but failing miserably so far!

    @thecosmeticcrave that's what helped me decide in the end, when you think about it as £6.25 per brush you can't say no!

  4. It's unbelievable how much I want this year!!! :( I wanted these too but in pink... Cant see me getting them though!! xxx

  5. WOW they are so gorgeous.Great buy when you think of price per brush.
    I've never tried Sigma but I really want to xx

  6. Hey girlie, you sent me ur link on #bbloggers yesterday, but I'm already a follower of your blog! Maybe I should comment more, huh? ;P

    I haven't tried Sigma yet, but I want their face brush set first. Can't wait to see ur review of these!

  7. I've wanted these for ages too, I saw them on BUBBLEGARMS blog, think I enetered a comp in there. I wouldn't mind any colour, I have one Sigma brush, the F82 round top kabuki, it's amazing! xxx

  8. They're so nice, such a lovely colour!
    Not that I've tried Sigma brushes, but it seems like a good price for the value :) x

  9. Thanks for all your lovely comments =)

    @MissAshDG - whoopsie! sorry xx

    @Stacey - is that the foundation brush? I think that's the one I've got too - it's my best brush!


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