19 Nov 2011

Review: Lush lemony flutter cuticle butter

Today I'm reviewing Lush's lemony flutter cuticle butter - love the name!  

I actually heard about this a long time ago and made one of those mental notes to buy it, but then completely forgot.  I was reminded when I saw it on Stina's blog recently and bought it next time I was in Lush.

When I picked up the tub in the shop it was a little bit smaller than I was expecting - as you can see it fits in the palm of your hand.  It costs £5.95 and for that you get 50g, although having now tried it for a few days, I can see it's going to last me a very long time as you only need a teeny amount because it's very rich.  

The cuticle butter smells extremely lemony and in my opinion really lovely.  As I said a little bit like I have in the picture below is more than enough to do all of your fingers and you'll have some left for the rest of your hands too.  

I can get really dry and rough cuticles in the winter and get tempted to nibble at them to tidy them up, although this just makes them worse - so this is an ideal product for me.  The skin around my nails feels and looks instantly moisturised when I use this and that feeling lasts for hours.  

I'm really impressed with this product and will definitely buy it again.  

And of course the best thing about shopping at Lush at the moment is the fab candy cane handles bag! 

I also bought some of the lovely Lush Christmas range, but I can't show you what I got as they're for Christmas presents and some of my friends have beady little eyes and will snoop!

Do you get rough dry cuticles?  Have you tried this

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  1. Oooh I am going to buy this for my mum for her Birthday, I think she will love it!

  2. OOOO! i saw this it smells amazing! :D

  3. Oh wow I just posted about this the other day! Looks like it's getting a lot of love at the moment. Like you, I think it's just amazing because it is so rich, it's so effective. But when I bought it, I was amazed how big it was! I think I thought it would be a diddly thing like their lipbalms!

  4. @Rosie good plan hun xx

    @Sophie I know I can't stop sniffing it like some sort of addict!

    @Powdered almond well in that case I must be really greedy wanting a whopping great tub haha!

  5. It looks so good - perfect for these Wales winters haha! xx


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