31 Dec 2011

2011 favourites

I've never done monthly favourites, but maybe I'll start in 2012 as gathering products together for this favourites of the year post has reminded me that there are so many products I've really loved using but haven't blogged about yet, ooops.  

So here are my favourite products.... some of them are late-comers in the second half of the year, but I decided I do love them enough for them to make the cut.  I've used a nice spangly backdrop as it's NYE =) 

Dove intensive repair range

I'd never used Dove before the first TOWIB event, but since then I've been loving their shampoos and have been using them all year.  The Intensive repair range is my favourite and I should really do a proper review on the mask and overnight product soon.

elf eyebrow treat and tame 

I've been using this solidly since I bought it earlier in the year and it's almost run out.  I've recently bought a proper eyebrow pencil from Paul & Joe, so I probably won't re-purchase the elf product as I want something which will give more definition, but the elf treat and tame was really easy to use for a quick effect.  

Hair products: John Frieda secret agent and thermal protector serum and Lee Stafford blow dry faster spray

These are the three products I use on my hair every day and have re-purchased lots of times throughout the year.  The blow dry faster spray in particular is a fave and I don't know another product like it.  It really does cut down the time it takes to get my hair dry, which is always a bonus in the mornings as I wash my hair every day.

Kiss false lashes 

After an awful experience trying to apply some lashes in the Summer causing me to ruin my make-up and be late for a night out, I tried these Kiss lashes when my Mum got them for me in the US.  These lashes are the easiest to apply I've ever had, even without the strings on.  

Make up forever smoky lash mascara

This is my go to every day mascara.  It doesn't flake or clump and it looks good with just two coats.  I need to get a review of this done as I have lots more to say about this product.

Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume

My favourite perfume, already on my third big bottle

Top coat and case coat 

Nothing can tear me away from Seche Vite top coat, it dries really quickly and it's super shiny.  For the majority of the year I've been using Nails Inc Kensington Caviar base coat, although about a month ago when I started to run out, I ordered some Seche base products which I'm currently road testing.

Sleek Oh so special palette

Mainly the colours on the left, but this is definitely my most used palette of 2011.

Sleek pout paints 

I've noticed a lot of people seem to have gone off these, but I still love them.  I've got lots of little pots with colours I've made which I apply with a lip brush and I also mix the colours with vaseline in the lid of vaseline lip tins for a deeply tinted balm.  They're my most used lip product of 2011 and they've got me into wearing bolder colours on my lips too.

Vivo baked bronzer and Sleek pan tao blush

My favourite bronzer and blusher of the year, it much more I need to say about that!

YSL rouge volupte

Undoubtedly my favourite beauty purchase of 2011 - I'm so glad I finally own one of these and I've been using it loads.  I've also got a new one in another colour for Christmas which I shall be blogging soon :)

So those are my favourites of 2011.  I'm sure as soon as I hit publish I'll think of something I've missed!

ETA: I knew this would happen.... how could I have forgotten Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and my Illamasqua precision ink liquid eye liner?!

Were any of these products your favourites too?


  1. Aw hon I love the sparkles in this background! Also love Lee Stafford products, beautiful!


  2. Which shade of rouge volupte is this?

  3. @anon - it's shade 1, nude beige

  4. I need some YSL in my life!

    I did a 2011 favs too and we had no similar products favourites =S



  5. Great post and I love the sparkly backdrop. I desperately want to try the YSL lippy x Happy New Year x

  6. i need to buy a ysl lipstick next year! i did a favourites of 2011 too :)

    Hayley x

    Happy new year!

  7. I really want to try the dove hair care range! Will do now seen as though you said it's great, looking forward to the reviews!

  8. I adore MUF smokeylash, hands down best mascara i have ever ever used xxxx

  9. Great favourites! Them KISS eyelashes look amazing!

  10. I really do need the MUF smoky lash mascara in my life :-)


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