3 Dec 2011

Another Primark haul - November / December 2011

This is a combo of two recent trips to Primark - one to my local and one to Oxford Street

Cute nude and black shirt - £10

Sparkly flats - £4 - I bought this to change into when my party shoes start hurting

Cute leopard shirt - £7 - I'll wear this under a black blazer

Embellished vest - £10 I think - I'm planning to wear this with jeans and a black blazer for a night out

I really didn't need these baubles, but they were only £2.50 and I thought I could put them in a vase

Stretchy gold star belt - £2.50

A nice bit of bling for just £2

Leather knee-high boots - £35
I bought these because they fit - I have trouble getting my chunky calves into knee-high boots.  But since then I found some much nicer ones, so I'm taking these back.  Primark is a good place to look for wide calf boots though.

Purple and black embellished shirt
This is Primark's Limited Edition collection so it was a bit pricier at £17

Black dress with sparkles - £15

Christmas slipper boots - £6

Glitzy handbag - £6
I bought this even though I didn't really like it because I needed a bag to go with gold shoes.  I was going to try taking the buckle off and putting a broach in its place but I found a nice gold bag in H&M instead so I'm taking this back.

I'm quite impressed with the clothes in Primark lately.  Sometimes I go in there and it's a bit rubbish so I just buy accessories.

  I also bought a few bits for the bf, but they're a bit bore so I didn't take photos of them!


  1. I went to Oxford St. Primark earlier this week and got that ring too! Also I have that gold star belt, it's such a good buy. I've ended up wearing it with a lot of things. Some really nice bits here!

  2. I'm going to Primark Xmas shopping with my son tomorrow so I'm totally nabbing those Xmas boots, I love 'em xx

  3. You got some really nice things! I especially love the purple embellished shirt :)
    www.celestecohen.blogspot.com xo

  4. i bought the slkipper boots too =) x

  5. Dying for that nude and black top! It would go perfect with a pair of black paperbag shorts i have, i hope they have it in my primark! xx


  6. Loving the accessories and the little shirt!

  7. Lovely shirts. I'm after a white shirt with a black collar :]x xxx

  8. I LOVE the nude and black shirt, it's beautiful. Sparkly flats as emergency party shoes is a brilliant idea, too! x

  9. My local Primark is rubbish! But I hope to go to a larger one very soon and pick up some bargains! Thanks again for your post on the Glambox, I think I am getting it for Christmas - or at least money to put towards it :) I can't wait!

  10. Love all your buys! :) Especially the first top...I was in Primark the other day and didn't see this! xx

  11. The tops/vest/shirt are all so lovely! :) xx

  12. Great haul, wish mine had the first shirt and the black heeled boots!!


  13. I think a trip to Primark is well overdue! I love both the nude and black blouse and the purple and black embellished one.

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  14. Hello, I'd just like to let you know that I have used two of your photos in one of my posts about the best of Primark hauls I've found, but I have credited them to you and included a link to your blog. I hope that's ok!
    The leopard print blouse and embellished vests were great finds!


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