26 Dec 2011

Christmas crackle nails with new MUA glitter nail quake

These are the nails I was sporting on Christmas eve eve!

I started off with a coat or two of China Glaze four leaf clover 

Next I added a coat of the new MUA glitter nail quakes in green glitter

Without flash - it doesn't look like there's that much of a contrast between the base colour and the crackle

With flash - but in brighter light it looks fab!

 Later that day I opened a bright green glitter polish from my friend, so I slapped some more on over the top - I look like I've been out tickling elves!

I love Christmas as an excuse to whack out all the glitters.... there's more to come! :) 


  1. Love this! Very festive :)

    That China Glaze shade is gorgeous! Reminds me of the colour of Tiffany boxes xx


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