27 Dec 2011

A very Wintry OOTD with Joe Browns

You don't often catch me with an OOTD post.....

But I need to show you my gorgeous snowflake leggings which were sent to me by Joe Browns

I absolutely love them and have worn them four times already since I got them!  Everyone keeps coming up to me asking if they're tights or leggings (they're fairly thick leggings) and where they're from.  My boyfriend thought they were a bit crazy, but what do boys know?!

I also got these lovely gloves / muffs called 'the modern muff''.  Here it looks like a traditional hand warmer /muff, but....

...it's in two parts - so you can use your hands whilst still keeping the muffs on and your hands warm.  

I've paired this Winter combo with a snowflake snood which I bought from this ebay seller here - watch out because it looks grey in the picture on the listing, but it's actually black (I was a bit disappointed as I had been expecting grey, plus the price has now been reduced from the £8.99 I paid to £4.50 grrr!).

I hope you like!  

Thanks to Joe Browns for the leggings and muffs - check them out here and they're now having an up to 60% off sale!



  1. I loveee the leggings! They looks so comfy!
    Carissa xx

  2. Oh wow I love the look of those leggings! They look really warm and comfy-might have to check them out online xx

  3. The leggings look really gorgeous and cute

  4. love the leggings, they look so cosy and comfy! :)
    hope you've had a lovely christmas! :) xxx

  5. I NEED those leggings. Amazing.

  6. Your outfit looks so warm and cosy! I need some leggings like those! The muffs are really cute aswell haha :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  7. <3 plz check mine out and add if u like it :) follow me ill follow you

  8. I love your ootd! You should do more. Those leggings are super cute.

  9. Oh my goodness these gloves are amazing!



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