7 Jan 2012

Jack Wills lipstick and nail polish review

Okay I'll admit it now, I bought these because of the brand name / packaging.  It wouldn't be the first time I've been sucked in by hype and pretty things, but, I've actually been pleasantly surprised by the products behind the logo.   

I saw these products when I had a look around the Jack Wills store in Bath.  I was immediately drawn the lipsticks because of the lovely iconic stripes.  The colour range wasn't huge, but a bright pink caught my eye and as I haven't got a really bright pink in my collection I persuaded myself that a purchase was needed.  When I got to the counter I spotted there were also nail polishes, so naturally I had to snap one of those up too.

This is the lipstick in the shade 'hot pink'.  The lipstick is really great quality.  It's not an overly creamy lipstick, but it applies smoothly, the colour is strong and it lasts well.  These are £9.50 each.  I also quite licked the coral shade, but I couldn't really justify yet another coral lip product!

The nail polish I picked up is a really pale and cool hued nude shade and I chose it because it's not like anything else in my collection.  The colour is called 'Blush' and this was £6.  For such a pale coloured polish I was really impressed with the opacity - I was expecting to need three coats and to still be able to see my nail line, but I only needed two.  This is a great polish for layering under glitters, which I've done a few times already as well as wearing it on its own.  On the right of the picture below it's paired with OPI rainbow connection.

 I can't say this is a make-up brand I'll keep going back to and buying from, unless they really extend their colour range.  But, I am really happy with these two purchases.  Although I was hooked by the brand and the packaging, I've ended up with two good quality products in fab colours which I will definitely use.  

As far as I know you can get the make-up range in all Jack Wills stores or online (link).  



  1. When I went into the Bath store, I was tempted by the lippies, but I didn't go for it because of the whole hype thing. However, the swatch does look gorgeous! xx

  2. Great post The nail varnish is now £3.00 in the sale on the website!!

    Would buy it but can't at the mo. Thanks for telling me though. I will put it on my wish list.

    I went to the Bicester store a few months ago and bought lots of lovely bits in the sale. I don't fit into they're shirts or jumpers so couldn't buy any of them :-( but makeup bags, t shirts, and stationery are all great quality and worthwhile buying.

    Keep up the great work, I love you're blog.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Lots of love.

    Claire xx


  3. Love the look of these, especially the lipstick. The packaging is adorable, I do think I would have succumbed to it if I'd seen it too! x

  4. I did a post about the Jack Wills nail polish a few weeks ago as I went into the Exeter shop. This was the first item I had ever bought from JW (I really don't see the fascination with the clothing, it is so overpriced esp their tracksuit bottom type trousers) But I did pick up a bright pink nail polish and quite like it. I agree though that I won't be constantly buying things from them unless there is a bigger selection, but was worth having a go.

  5. Really surprised for £6 at the quality of the nail varnish, definitely going to have a look at the other colours. I actually never knew they did make up!

  6. Loving the prices, I expected them to be really expensive! xx

  7. Great post. I love the packaging of the lipstick xx

  8. does anyone know a dupe for jack wills lipstick in wine


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