13 Jan 2012

Why I got naked... again...

Loving the post title for the lols (or rolf-lols as I like to call them)

I got sucked in by the hype and found myself ordering a Naked 2 palette.  Nothing unusual there, lots of people did it.... BUT - I didn't like Naked 1!  I couldn't get on with it, and I ended up selling it on a blog sale.  So, I had to ask myself, what made me think I should spend £36 on Naked 2?  I really wasn't sure, it just looked nicer and I wanted it.  

When the palette arrived this week and I saw the colours in person I was pretty pleased with the first impressions.  The colours looked good in real life and seemed much more 'me' than the original Naked palette.  

I've worn colours from the Naked 2 palette for the last two days and have already found firm favourites (Foxy, Bootycall, Tease, Verve) and great combinations.  I tried to find the same with the Naked original palette numerous times (I really wanted to like it!) but it just wasn't me.  Most of the colours were just too heavy or glitzy for me (I think I'm a bit of an eye shadow bore!).  

In trying to understand how one version of the palette could be so wrong for me, but the new version, looking as similar as it does, could be so much better, I read Adrienne's comparison post where she talks about the differences between the two palettes.  If you own or have owned the original Naked palette and are unsure about whether or not you should indulge in Naked 2, I highly recommend you read Adrienne's review, because when I did, all became clear to me about why I like one but not the other...  

As Adrienne explains, the new palette has generally cooler shades whereas the original is warm.  I'm not very good and spotting the subtlety of warm and cool when looking at make up, I tend  to buy what I like the look of, or I know what won't suit me without knowing the reason why!  There's probably a youtube video somewhere I can watch to teach me about this and other things I'm fairly ignorant to, like shade undertones!  

Also, as Adrienne points out, the new palette is less pigmented (usually not a good thing!) and has more subtle shades including more matte shades and ones with less glitz.  Again, these suit the eye shadow bore much better than the full on shades of Naked 1 such as Buck, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal.... you can tell I only got on with about three shades in the original palette!  

So it all depends on what colours and finishes you like and what suits you.  I think the palettes are actually very very different, despite a lot of people saying they're too similar.  Clearly I'm all mabout the more subtle and cooler colours.  I'm not particularly brave when it comes to eye shadow, and I'm not very confident applying dark and bold shades (which the original palette is full of) so I now understand why I didn't get on with it (and can get on with the rest of my life!).

I'm not reviewing the palette or swatching it as about 5,986,871* bloggers have already done that (*possibly not a true story).  I just really wanted to draw your attention to Adrienne's post as I think it's fab and it set some demons to rest in my mind - ie the one who was telling me I should never have sold my original Naked palette and needed to buy it again.... 

So tell me, did you get Naked?! ;)   


  1. i have to agree with you completely on the fact that they are completely different! xxx

  2. I really like the look of about 7 of the colours, the others are way too dark for me. Not sure i'd go naked though!
    Bosh x

    1. The Bosh! They'd look lovely on you with your blue eyes and blonde curls :) Can't believe you commented on my blog! xxx

    2. I love your blog, you're fab x Bosh xx

  3. I'm the same - not a big fan of the glitzy eyeshadows but this Naked 2 palette looks a lot more down my street - naturals and neutrals x

    1. Yep, I see this as much more of a true neutral palette than the first one and much easier to wear :)

  4. I don't own a Naked pallet, but I would definitely go for the naked 2.

    Love Katrien
    From bowsarecute.blogspot.com

  5. Oh wow. I have been looking for a set of eye shadows like this for ages. They are such wonderful colors and the tin looks fab fab fab. Your detailed description of the contents makes it so much more desirable!! Can I buy this in Boots?
    PS I love your blog!!!

  6. I got sucked in too, I use the first one everyday and love the colours in it, so bought the 2nd one today, nice bit of free delivery from Debenhams too Ooooush! xxxx

  7. I really wanted to buy this! Love Urban Decay eyeshadows they last so long. I have brown eyes so love brown eyeshadows!

    Might give it a try now, great review.

    I'm a new follower!

    Louise x


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