18 Feb 2012

A cheaper alternative to the ASOS and Office flatforms (flat platforms)

Lately everyone seems to be going mad for flatforms - like platform wedge heels but with an almost flat angle to them.  I totally get the appeal as I'm only 5"2, so like the extra height of heels, but not the pain if I'm spending a lot of time standing up in them or walking very far - flatforms seen like the answer!

These ones from ASOS seem particularly popular, but at £40, I don't think they'd last me very long as they're suede so will tarnish very quickly.
This version from Office only has suede on the top half, so probably more hard-wearing, and they're £45.
But when I was in H&M this week I spotted a very similar looking pair of flatforms which are also only suede time material on the top half, and cost quite a bit less at £24.99.  

I've not taken the tags off yet as I'm not certain that these are actually all that comfortable - a few wanders around the house are necessary before I can be sure I think.

I can't link to these as they don't seem to be on the H&M website yet - I picked them up in the Oxford Circus branch.

What do you think of flatforms?


  1. I think the ones with suede only on the top half look nicer :) There's something about these shoes I really can't get my head around though, I look at them and think I'll look ridiculous in them, though I have seen them on a couple of other people and they look lovely on them!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

    1. Yes I know, I think I look kind of dumpy in them ha!

  2. Love them, great find!

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    1. Thanks for the info, but I just got a Clarisonic Plus this week and am in love :)

  3. I've had my eyes on the full suede ones in H&M for £19.99. I think i'll be wearing a pair soon!

    1. Oooh yes I saw those too and they looked really nice - proper wedges though those ones, so not necessarily comfier, but look more elegant!

  4. I really like the look of them but I am convinced they would be too restrictive and uncomfortable to walk in so I think I am going to let this trend pass by. Let me know if they are comfy though, I am also 5'2" so definitely could do with the height!

  5. I could do with the height and balance that flatforms give but I'm not convinced that they would suit me. I feel like i'd look odd. I guess it's worth trying a pair. ;p x

  6. I love the idea of these, I mean I love my ridiculously high shoes too, but at least I'll be able to walk in these! hehe!

    Jen xx

  7. I'm still not convinced on these! They just don't look very comfortable.. keep us posted so we know whether they are or not! :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  8. Hard to find any in Ireland yet!!! : ( But I will keep searching lol

  9. I love these! Didn't have them in MK today but the ones with the slight wedge are GORGEOUS!



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