24 Feb 2012

Eye Rock eye tattoos - not as scary as they sound!

Only recently I was getting excited about Eye Rock designer liner (stick on eye liner!) in this post here, and now they've only gone and out done themselves with elaborate stick on eyeshadow designs!  They call them eye tattoos, which conjours up the wrong sort of idea in my head really (who'd want a tattoo on their eye?) but they're gorgeous I promise, have a look...

The first two are my favourites.  Imagine wearing that floral one in the summer for a festival or some sort of out door event on a gorgeous balmy evening (yesterday's shock sunshine has me obsessing about Summer already).  And the black lace one would easily go down well for a variety of nights out.  

The black and pink leopard one (it's labelled giraffe but looks like leopard print to me) isn't something I'd see myself wearing, but the blue and silver stars one is amazing!  Not for everyday obviously - I think it's actually quite Chirstmassy or New Year's Eve appropriate - check me out planning ahead here!

I've read the instructions and it seems you can trim the tatoos to size and then you apply them just like the stick on tattoos we had when we were kids - wet the back and press it on!  They come off with normal make-up remover too.

Theses only £6 each, so next time I'm ordering something from asos I'll definitely at least get the floral one and prepare to rock it on a sunny evening this summer.  

What do you think, would you give them a go?



  1. That lace one is gorgeous but I'd only (tentatively) rock it at a themed party! Maybe as a part of a paint-on masquerade, lol! :P

  2. love the idea of this !! <3

  3. I like the top two and think they would look lovely for a party/festival, the bottom 2 would be perfect for fancy dress/halloween parties. I can't wait for the review to see how they apply :) Jude xx @jadlgw

  4. I love the first 2. I'd definitely sport these bad boys to a party or concert for fun !

  5. They're all gorgeous! Definitely the kind of thing I'd go for! Especially the pink leopard print :)

  6. I love the lace ones !
    Would be a great take on a mask for a masquerade !


  7. A few months back i went to an event where they were launching gems for your eyes :s like a vajazzel for your EYE! they were bloody weird, however i think these are fab! i don't think i would ever wear them,but def for dressing up parties! xxx

  8. I absolutely love the floral one too! Can see me rocking them at one of the many festivals I am at this summer :) xxx

  9. I love these! I have been eyeing (no pun intended!) the first set up for a while now but I don't think I could pull them off!


  10. I was so dubious about these, but now you mention the festival idea they're growing on me. I was just imagining wearing them to tesco!

  11. wow so great- your blog is lovely!
    xx the cookies

    share the feeling


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