21 Feb 2012

Happy Pancake Day! A really quick and easy recipe for perfect pancakes

I love pancakes!  I made these at the weekend so that I could share them with you today (okay it was a good excuse to scoff) and I'll be making them again tonight!

In my opinion this is the simplest recipe I've come across and the pancakes always turn out lovely, so maybe give this a go tonight - all you need it eggs, flour, milk and butter, plus whatever you like to drown your pancakes in!

This recipe makes 10 pancakes if you make them quite thin, or less if you like them thick and fat like me!  I'll take you through it step by step, it's really easy I promise :)

Weigh 140g of plain flour and put it into a large mixing bowl

Add four medium eggs (yolks and whites)

Mix well

Add 200ml of milk (I used semi-skimmed but you can use whole milk too)

Mix really well with a whisk or a fork aiming to get rid of all the lumps

Weigh 50g of butter or margarine

Melt it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so until it looks like this

Add the melted butted to your pancake batter

Mix really well again until everything is combined and the batter is smooth


Put a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat, let it warm up for a few minutes (depends on your hob really) and add a little oil.  When it's nice and hot, ladle in some of your pancake batter - more if you want a thicker pancake

Tilt the pan around to coat the bottom fairly evenly with your pancake mixture

Keep a close eye on your pancake - they cook quite quickly.  If you've got a medium heat on this should be 1 - 2 minutes.  When the top looks set, poke at the edges with a spatula, lifting all the way around to stop the pancake from slipping.

If you're feeling flash, this is where you toss your pancake in the air.  Or if not, use your spatula to flip it over!

Continue cooking the other side for about a minute or so.  You can always lift up the edges with the spatula again to check if it's browning.  When it's done to your liking, turn it out onto a plate.

Squeeze on lots of lemon and roll the pancake.  Then sprinkle with sugar and devour!

I love my pancakes the old fashioned way with lemon and sugar, but you can also get creative with all sorts of scrummy toppings (which I might have done if I'd had the supplies in the house) like banana, strawberries, chocolate sauce and whipped cream - nom!

By the way, I don't do Jif Lemon, I think it's an unnatural substance - real lemons all the way for me!

Will you be nomming on pancakes for your dinner tonight?  If you follow my recipe to make your pancakes I'd love to hear about it :)


  1. Banana and syrup for me! I can't wait to get cooking tonight! xx


    1. I bought some bananas tonight for my second round of pancake scoffing!

  2. Minding my own business and then BAM! You put bloody food on your blog and I'm starving haha! I'm allowing myself to have pancakes tonight... Whooo! And this is how we make them too, tastes so good! I know what you mean about the Jif lemon it tastes like lemons shouldn't, I'm a total Lemon and Sugar girl too! xxx

    1. Muahaha! I decided to start Slimming World after pancake day as I remember from doing it before that they're massively heavy on the syns! Campaign for real lemons starts here lol!

  3. I had no idea it was even pancake day! Oh dear :( great recipe, definitely going to try that out tonight! xx

  4. Right, I am going to try this, I am so bad at making pancakes haha, they always fall apart :(

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

    1. Good luck hun, I hope it works for you! xx

  5. Mmmm this is definitely off to be my lunch!

  6. i'm sure if i like pan cakes but this makes me want to try them again :)


    1. You must, they're so good! You just need to find a topping you like!

  7. Ooooh, now I can't wait to eat my pancakes tonight! In Iceland we always eat them with whipped cream and jam (I like raspberry), but my mum is English so we always make them the English way on Pancake Day (oh dear, that rhymed), with lemons, oranges and sugar :) Yum!

    1. Never heard of that way before but it sounds lovely. I just had some with squirty cream, nutella and banana - naughty!

  8. Lemon & sugar all the way! Thanks for the recipe Gem!


  9. I just found your blog through The Blog Hop :D



  10. Happy Pancake day! Looks so yummy! :)

    Followed you! Found you through Blog Hop. Hope you could drop by my page and maybe follow me back. :)


  11. wow!!! yummy!!! happy pancake day~!!! ;D

    i am blog-hopping after finding you on bloglovetherapy- ;)
    & am looking forward to reading more of your posts as i started following you ;)

    come follow mine at:

  12. yummo!i heart pancakes!! happy i found you through the blog hop :) look forward to staying in touch.


  13. nom nom nom love pancakes!! looks AWESOME!
    thanks for sharing and making me hungry and green with envy!!.. so excuse me, but im going to bed now to sleep it off LOL


  14. Discovered your blog the other day and I love it!

    I made pancakes too but I went a bit over the top....



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