23 Feb 2012

Primark haul February 2012

Everybody loves seeing what's in Primark (will they ever get a proper website?!) so last time I was there, I took photos of everything I tried on so that I could share.

Peter pan collar playsuit with belt - can't remember how much this was, I was too busy being disappointed that it was a playsuit and not a long top as I was expecting!

Bird print scallop detail top - £8 I think

I still can't decide if these Vivienne Westwood copy ankle wellies are cute or tacky - £10

Heart print sleeveless shirt £10

Coral and tan dress - hideous on!  I think this was £15.

I love this floaty top - such pretty colours with the taupe bow detail on the sleeves £10

Stripey shirt with gold buttons - proper 80s chic! £10

Dress from one of Primark's special limited edition ranges - £18

Chunky jumper with elbow patches - £12

They had this top with ruched chiffon sleeves in loads of pretty colours - £8

I loved this colour block dress for £10 - it came in other colours too but it was a really small and clingy fit :(

Tube skirt £6 - this comes in long and short in lots of colours and patterns

Pinafore type dress - so cheap for £10.  It also comes in black and pink

Cute contrast jacket £25 - I thought this might feel really cheap, it turned out to be really nice but they didn't have my size

I hardly bought any accessories for a change - just these pretty floral print bow earrings and ring

I went a little crazy in the shoe section, ooops!  I actually took a few of these back, so here's an instagram pic of the ones I originally picked up.

The t-bar flats were £8, the coral and navy bow flats were £6 and the coral and beige wedges were £12

I'm actually now wishing that I'd picked up these super cute flats.  I put them down at the time because I decided they were a bit childish and I wouldn't wear them, but now I totally regret not getting them! £8

I hope that's given you a few things to look out for on your next Primark raid!

What are you loving in Primark lately?


  1. Primark need a website!
    I would shop in there so much more if they had one, most of the time I walk in and walk right back out because of how busy it gets. Hopefully I can get there during the week because I think I need that floaty top and all of those shoes!

  2. I'm so jelly of you British girls! Definitely love this post because I like seeing what you guys can get for so cheap! x

  3. i really really want the jumper with elbow patches! xxx

  4. Love the shoes with the flowers and the bows on!! Defiantly not childish!! You should go back and get them!! xxx

  5. love the flats at the end! so cute

  6. Tried on that playsuit the other week, so disappointed it wasn't a dress, the pattern is really pretty :) x~x


    1. I had both legs in one leg hole before I realised it wasn't a top / dress, oh the shame haha!

  7. SO need to go to primark now! i LOVE the playsuit and the flats at the end!
    Everyone else always manages to find nice stuff in primark!
    Great Post :D



  8. Love the wellies! I brought the red/blue dress in pink/black on saturday. I love it, it fits me great!


  9. Great post
    I wish primark would hurry up and get a site but I dont think they will as proberly it would be bad for busness because no one would go to the shops they would just buy it offline. I know I would.
    Them flats are so cute
    I need to go primark now :)

  10. I love the green dress! I bought a few nice things from Primark last week and almost got the dress but decided against it in the end.

  11. I do wish Primark would get a website but I think in some ways not having one means people have to go to stores and see the entire selection and end up with all the impulse buys they have lying around like the hair bands and chap sticks. Who's going to buy them? I LOVE all the shoes you got! The Tbar flats are definitely something I'll be looking out for as well as the jumper with the elbow pacthes! Kuh-yute! :D



  12. i have the bow earrings and love them :D <3

  13. Such a good post! Really useful as I always end up going to Primark with no idea what to buy :) x

  14. Found your blog through blog hopping and I love it. If you get time I would love it if you could come and visit me and drop a line to say hi.

    B xxx

  15. I love Primark hauls! I need to take some photos of the things I try on as I think that's a really good idea. I find when I go to Primark I tend to fall in love with one particular set of things like the shoes or the jewellery and end up just buy loads of that thing so I can totally understand the major shoe haul! I love all the shoes you bought, I don't think I will ever have enough flats with bows on. I also really like the limited edition dress but I think £18 is a bit steep considering it's from Primark :\ xxx

  16. That blazer is lovely! I know what you mean, sometimes the materials or the lining feel cheap but they have some great looking stuff

  17. The striped shirt looks really smart, think I need a trip to Primark! :)



  18. Prettyyyyy! I follow u now! :)

  19. Love that elbow patch jumper, thanks for the useful post hun!


  20. I love the striped shirt and tube skirt - they might even go quite well together! I'm really loving collarless shirts at the moment, as well as burgundy shades, and being the owner of quite the derriere I love a good figure hugging pencil skirt. I never buy clothes, but I'm thinking next time I do it's all about the smart casual ladylike wear, with a slight vixen touch ;)

    LOVE the shoes too! Gosh, I need to go to Primark now!!!

    Steph xx

  21. OMG! We need NEED to get a primark in the US! I am loving that striped 80s style blouse for 10 GBP!?!?!? That is insane! These pieces were all gorgeous, I saw your comment on another blog about target? Darling...primark is WAAAAAY better! hope you'll stop by and would you like to follow each other?

  22. wow, great haul! I love the heart blouse and the sweater with the elbow patches!

    Stumbled upon your blog through blog-hop - greatest way to connect to bloggers ever! Let's keep in contact. I am following, Please check out my blog and follow me too if you like it, Thanks!

  23. Love all the clothes! I think the wellies are tacky but that's my personal taste! Love all the dolly shoes and the shoes with the gems on up the middle of the strap! xxx

  24. I now have a sudden urge to visit Primark, I wish you wouldn't do this to me Gem haha! x

  25. Love this blog post :) Those shoes with the beads on are so cute, love the little roses xx

  26. Lovely shirts!! and there is no Primark in Hungary :(

  27. OMG!!! I LOVE THESE!!! esp. the shoes~ (love anything with bows) and the colorblock dress! but overall, love them all, seriously! i want to go shopping with you ;)

  28. I don't have a Primark near me so I always see lovely stuff and then by the time I get to go they don't have it anymore! I always love the dresses they have and I love peter pan blouses. I managed to get to a Primark at the weekend and ended up purchases a few tshirts that were £3!!! I also love Primark jeans. I got some dark blue denim skinny jeans for £7. I really need to put a haul up :D

  29. great post :) im off shopping for lent tho and now i wanna go so badly!!!!!

  30. love the flats at the end! so cute


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