27 Mar 2012

ghd air hairdryer review

Meet my new love, my ghd air hairdryer!

I've been meaning to get a really powerful hairdryer for ages, but hadn't really come across one that had everything I was looking for until I heard about this beauty. First things first, it's not a cheap hairdryer at £99, so it's a considered purchase, but it's exactly what I wanted and I'm expecting it to last me a long time as it's a top quality brand.  

The main attraction for me is how powerful the hairdryer is.  I can't stand hairdryers that don't seem to have enough puff!  My old one was a cheapie £20 job, and it took a long time to dry my hair, so the difference when I first used this blew me away - literally!  If you've got a naff hairdryer at the moment you'll really notice the difference in power when you first use this.  It's 2,100 watts, so really powerful, but it's not overly loud and it doesn't feel really hot if that makes any sense.  Even when I have it on the highest heat setting, it doesn't scorch my ears like my old one.  I can't really explain why that is, but I'm sure it's not my imagination!

I'm lazy, and rubbish at blowdrying, so I don't usually use the attachments, but it comes with two concentrator nozzles - one wider than the other - for more precision styling if you know what you're doing with a round brush and all that complicated business.  I'm rubbish when it comes to styling my hair, but have been getting lovely smooth results using no nozzles, my paddle brush and the high heat and speed settings.  

The dryer comes with "ionic technology" built in which I understand to mean it helps your hair dry to a sleeker and shinier finish.  I had an "ionic" product a few years ago, but you had to constantly push a button for when you wanted the effects to come on, so naturally I got fed up of doing that and didn't bother - with the ghd air this effect is automatic and constant, so it's always on.  

Other nifty features include a cool shot, which gives a blast of proper cold air to set your finished style, and it's got a really long swivelly cord, so no annoying tangled wires.  It's also quite lightweight, so I don't get arm ache drying my hair.  

Together with my ghd straighteners I feel like I've now got the dream team kit, and I can get pretty good results despite being pretty clumsy when it comes to styling my hair!  

The ghd air costs £99, you can get it direct from ghd here and delivery is free

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  1. I've heard some great things about this hair dryer- it really does sound good. And totally justifiable if it'll last you such a long time!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  2. Wow, I didn't know there was a GHD Hairdryer. I may have to look into purchasing one of these at some point during the year!xx


  3. I really want this, my hairdryer is on its last legs and to be honest it's never been up to scratch, I need something with a bit more power!!

  4. This looks lovely and i will have to always admire it from afar, but i would recommend that you always have a concentrator on the drier even if you aren't trying to make your hair look Kate Middleton like, as it puts a couple of extra inches between your hair and the heat element, especially if you use the highest heat setting, making it a bit healthier. I keep mine on even for the turn my head upside down and jiggle it about kind of blow drying. xo

  5. heard some great things about this, loved reading this review :) x

  6. I've just bought this an absolutely love it. Next on my list is the newest straighteners as I need some new. I got the hairdryer at www.hairtrade.com and noticed their ghd's are cheaper than other places so think I'll be ordering from there. here's the link if anyone wants to check it out too - http://www.hairtrade.com/ghd-m-47.html x

  7. looks amazing! x



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