4 Mar 2012

Little updates

Time for another little updates, and probably the most food obsessed edition ever.  I think it may be because for the past two weeks I've been planning to start Slimming World, so I was stuffing my face in preparation - insane I know.  I started on Friday, so perhaps the next little updates will be food free, or will contain lots of pictures of salads.... or it'll be a full on feast and I'll have given up already - let's hope not.

Pop tarts hot fudge sundae - I thought they only sold flavours this amazing in the US so let out an embarassing little whoop when I spotted these in a local shop

Had the most annoying sore throat / cough combo - this little lot didn't really help

 I've been using my Clarisonic Plus - reviewing this on the blog soon, but sadly I don't think it's for me :(

Pancake day seems so long ago, could easily nosh this again right now, but of course I won't, it's only day 3 of my diet and even I can last longer than that

Pretty much my favourite nail colour combo for the last few weeks.  Childish and I don't care.

Decided I wanted these shoes and was disappointed when they turned out to be much more green than the turquoise they appear online.  Dorothy Perkins.

Got my GHD Air and didn't have to wait until my birthday as I won it for free on buyapowa.  Getting a little worryingly addicted to that site actually.  I'll be reviewing this pretty soon, heads-up - I love it.

More pre-diet scoffing - Nando's portabello mushroom and halloumi pitta rocks.  Plus a wing or two on the side for good measure.

Bestie and I popped to Ikea to refund a broccoli with a face and shorts.  You couldn't make this stuff up.  59p ice cream on the way out had to be done.

If you dislike toes you won't like this.  I actually have a bit of a foot phobia myself, but I'm a lot better than I used to be.  At school my friends would actually chase me to waft a toe in my face because they knew I'd freak out.  Bitches.  Anyway this was me shaking off the winter scales and getting my toes ready for flip flop weather - a little optimistic I know!  The colour is Gosh Flamingo.

More pre-diet binging - the boyf made Sunday brunch, awww.

I only just discovered this and it's amazing.  I love lemons / limes / anything sour and this is so so delish.  I bet it's loads of syns on Slimming World though, so I won't be having it again any time soon :(

Starbucks mango and passionfruit booster thingie.  Lush.

The most amazing buskers I've ever seen - a full on rock band!  This was right near Charring Cross one night last week - it was a fairly mild evening and lots of people had stopped to watch and there was such a lovely atmosphere.  Tramps were dancing and it was hilarious.  A stranger started talking to me and I joked that one of the tramps was the band's manager and that he should talk to him if he wanted to book them - the (male) tramp saw me gesturing his way and yelled out "Yeah I'm a tramp, so what?  And I'm a lesbian - I love women!"  Everyone was laughing and for a minute you wouldn't have realised you were in central London where usually nobody speaks or has time to stop.  Shame I had to go and catch my train.

The night before the diet began - Ed's Diner Bluewater - Baileys milkshake

And hot dog with chilli cheese fries.  I felt ridiculously sick and had trouble dragging me and my massive food baby back to the car.  My friends and I were singing along to Eternal Flame on the way home and changing some of the words to "food baby" - you kind of had to be there but it was so funny :)

Cocktails at the Slug and Lettuce

Can't remember why Zara was holding her nose, but it wasn't because I smelled.  I smell nice, honest.

Zara has such a big mouth, you can't tell her your secrets

Grumpster Monday face

Spotting the eggs around London

 Spotting eggs and meeting Secrets Behind the Clost Door Charli's lovely family

And finally, proof that your Nan was right when she said "you only get what you pay for".  My £6 Primark shoe after two wears.

I hope everyone's having a lovely week and hello to all of my newer readers!  Hi to the old ones too obviously, but I have acquired rather a lot of new readers over the last few weeks thanks to an ad I placed with Louise of Sprinkle of Glitter.  If you're interested in getting your blog seen by a new audience, I'd thoroughly recommend it.  For me it was just a one off thing, although I wouldn't rule out doing it again in the future.  

I'm happy about my ad with Louise, because it's brought me some fab new readers who leave me lovely comments, plus I'm closer to my 1,000 followers giveaway (you're gonna like it I promise, it's something good!).  The 1,000 is based on GFC, although these days people tend not to look at that solely.  If I counted my bloglovin' I'd have over 1,000 anyway, but for now I'm going to be traditional and base it on GFC.  

On the subject of GFC (google friend connect) there's been a lot of confusion about it being phased out.  As far as I know, the widget will still appear on 'non-blogger' hosted blogs and you can still use it to follow them, but they won't pop up in your blogger dashboard reader.  However if you use Google Reader - they still show up in there.  That's what I've found to be the case with the blogs I follow anyway.  My blog is a blogger blog, so no changes here, but if you are moving over to using Bloglovin' or Hello Cotton to follow blogs, I'm on both of those too :)

So onto new blogs to follow - I'm going to do something a bit different this time, and give you the links to the blogs of some of my newest followers.  Enjoy!



  1. Ohmygosh so much amazing looking food! xxx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool
    Tweet me! @othersideofcool

  2. Nando's portabello mushroom and halloumi pitta is AMAZING, WHO NEEDS CHICKEN?! I be forever grateful to my veggie bf to introducing me to that one! xxxx

  3. Looks like you've had a busy few weeks! Can I ask which shop you got the pop tarts from? I've been searching for the yummy flavours but can't find any bar the plain boring ones :( x p.s love the pink polish!

    1. Sorry hun, it wasn't a chain, just a local corner shop type thing. Couldn't believe it when I saw them there!

  4. Those pop tarts look soo yummy! Love your nails aswell what make and shades are they? xox


    1. They're both Gosh - the pink one is called Flamingo and the purple is Wild Lilac xx

  5. Such amazing food - feeling quite hungry now!

    Good luck with Slimming World, I lost just under 2 stone following their plan...still have a long way to go and trying to get myself back on the wagon as of tomorrow - the syn free chips are amazing especially if you make a chilli to go with them :) nom! xx

    1. Had a huge pile of SW chips on Saturday, love it! My first weigh on will be Friday - hoping for a big loss to start me off :)

  6. Haha I know all about the pre-diet binge! Good luck with Slimming World, I'm back on it again at the moment x

    1. I remember how well you did before - I may harass you for tips! xx

  7. I've just had some pancakes :) left over Yorkshire pudding mix x

  8. Lovely!! But why Eds in Bluewater - so many better places to pick lololol
    Good Luck with SW Im on that too :(

    1. It wasn't my choice - I don't even like burgers, hence the hotdog!

  9. Love the pics, really like the dotty p wedges, shame about the shade!


  10. I love Ed's Diner at Bluewater...used to go there loads and I love that you can watch them make donuts opposite there too!!! Don't get to go to Bluewater much now that I have moved up Leicester way but always have a shopping trip to BW or Lakeside when I visit the family in Kent!

    Thanks for the mention too :D



  11. soo jealous of the poptarts, i loveee them - I wish they were easier to get hold of though
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  12. Love this post! You take good pictures unlike me!

    Take care xx

  13. Thank you for linking me! It looks like you've had such a yummy week... I've eaten everything in sight recently but have no plans to start a diet - you're a stronger woman than I am!

    Also: "Bestie and I popped to Ikea to refund a broccoli with a face and shorts. You couldn't make this stuff up." made me laugh so much hehe x

    1. The broccoli thing makes me sound quite mad I know. This is mr broccoli for anyone wondering! http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/images/products/torva-soft-toy__0118546_PE274408_S4.JPG

  14. Ahhh my mouth is watering, all the food in this post looks sooo good.

  15. Your food is making me regret the diet haha! Thank you for the mention too, Panga is still talking about you... Think you made a little friend for life there! xxx

    1. She's lovely, would fill her up with sweets and then hand her back to you when she's hyper any time ;)

  16. Such a good post - you've got some amazing food in there! You've made me all hungry, I love the rock band buskers - how unusual!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  17. wow all thats food lucks amazing, shame about the Clarisonic Plus! I'm on sliiming world too x

  18. Oh wow! I am drooling over all this food, I done the exact same thing before I joined WW, my other half just pointed out that I would have more to lose *shrugged shoulders, ate another Ripple* hahaha. What's that purple nail varnish you've got on? It's beautiful. Good Luck with SW, let us know how you get on hun xxx

  19. Thanks for the shout out on your list of blogs to follow! Really enjoying your blog so that was a nice surprise! xCx


  20. Great post as always, all that food looks amazing, I'm suddenly peckish!
    I quite fancy the portabello thingie in Nandos but always feel as if I should have chicken when I go there, never thought just to have some wings on the side - I'll definitely go down that route next time I'm there! xx


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