29 Mar 2012

L'Occitane Cherry Princess collection

Possibly one of the most beautifully packaged gift sets I've ever featured on the blog - meet the super girlie L'Occitane Cherry Princess collection

Cherry Princess (or Cerisier Princesse if you're flash and can pronounce French words properly) is a delicate, fresh, cherry fragrenced collection from L'Occitane.  I actually featured a gift set from the Cherry Blossom range in my Mother's day beauty gift guide, so I was delighted to get the chance to try out some Cherry Princess products.

This range just makes the perfect gift in my opinion - not only are the products lovely and the scent gorgeous, but the packaging is truly beautiful to look at.  I love the floral embossing on the bottles of the perfume and the shower gel and body cream - they look so neat on my bathroom shelf.  They're really girlie and feminine products, and quite romantic too, so perfect gifts for lots of occasions and ages - it's the kind of thing I'd buy for my best friend and would love to open myself.  

Now I'm a funny person who doesn't like artificial cherry.  Cherry yoghurt - bleurgh, cherry coal - gross, cherry drops - I'm literally scared of them.  But real cherries, I love, it's a shame they're so pricey in the supermarket that I don't often eat them.  Luckily the Cherry Princess range smells nothing like my personal Kryptonite (Cherry drops) and has the delicate fragrance of real cherries mixed with florals.  It's a lovely scent for the Spring weather we're having right now and I've been wearing it during the day and taking the little solid fragrance around with me for touch-ups in the afternoon.  Layering the body products really enhances the fragrance too and deepens the scent without it being overpowering.  

The hand cream would be ideal for my desk at work, but I think everyone would want to pinch it, so for now it's staying at home on the bedside table.  L'Occitane hand creams really are the best I've tried, and I've used a few of the different ones from their range now.  My Mum swears by them too, and we all know that Mums are always right...!

Here are the prices and links to the products I tried - 

Check out the full Cherry Princess and Blossom range here on the L'Occitane site.  Some of the range  is currently on offer right now too. 
*PR sample



  1. The packaging of these is so pretty and girly :) I also hate artificial cherry scents but these sound like they smell lovely :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @FCassandraBlog

  2. Great post! I am totally loving L'Occitane, their skincare is amazing also.
    I love the packaging on the new collection Pivoine Delicate, so pretty! x

  3. I love the smell of cherry! It's so lovely. The packaging's gorgeous too :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  4. Supercute design! Ah I want them just because of the packaging :P hi hi :) I bet they smell heavenly...

  5. This collection sounds amazing! I'm in love with the packaging :) xx

  6. The packaging is super pretty! I need to have a whiff of these! xxx

  7. Wow I love L'Occitane, I can't resist watching their ambassador Alexis Murdoch on QVC when she's on. It's like watching Nigella Lawson with food.
    What a wonderful thing to be able to review such a beautiful set, I must give this collection a try. Personally though I love the Cherry blossom range, some how it reminds me of Miss Dior Cherie too.
    A very elegant, grown up scent which makes you feel beautiful.


  8. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.


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