15 Mar 2012

Premae - the 100% natural and allergen-free skincare brand for sensitive skins

I'm lucky not to have particularly sensitive skin (although I do have plenty of other skin issues), so I never really stopped to think about what a tough time people with allergies must have finding beauty products that don't cause irritation.

Recently I met Clare Eluka - the founder of Premae skincare - and was so intrigued by her story.  Having suffered with severe allergies herself (Candida Albican - a wheat, dairy, sugar and gluten intolerance), she found that there just weren't any suitable beauty products for her on the market - brands just weren't catering to those with allergies and seriously sensitive skin.  Rather than giving up, and continuing to use products that just weren't suitable, and made her skin itchy and uncomfortable, she decided to research and create her own line of allergen-free skincare - and that's how Premae was born.

I've been trying out the Harmony Face Balm from Premae, which is for combination skin like mine.  It's made with Indian Mango butter and lemongrass oil, and it's 100% natural - not many beauty products can make that claim!

The face balm works a lot like a face oil.  Having oily skin in places, I'd always been weary of adding oil, but recently I'm hearing more and more that using a face oil is actually a good thing for my skin type.  When you scoop a little of the balm and warm it in your hands it takes on an oil like consistency and literally melts into the skin.  I've been using this product at night-time and it makes my skin feel lovely and hydrated without making it greasy.  

I don't think it's what the product is intended for, but I've also been using this balm on my dry cuticles - it just seems so nourishing and is the perfect consistency for using on the troublesome dry skin winter causes around my nails.

The Premae range includes cleansers, toners and moisturisers for a really wide variety of skin types including special versions for teenage skin and for men too.  I think it's fabulous to see that allergy sufferers or those with severely sensitive skin don't just now have a totally allergen-free range available to them, but they actually have choice within the range too.
I loved hearing Clare's story, and was so amazed at the way she had tackled the problem head on and had literally gone out and created the skincare range that was missing from the shelves.  I can't even imagine how you'd begin to go about creating your own skincare, let alone building up the full range that she has.  Totally inspiring.

Premae is available here at premaeskincare.com  
*PR sample



  1. I tried one of the balm recently, absolutely love it and was so inspired by Clare's story. Can't believe how much she has achieved at only age 26!

  2. Aw her story is so inspiring! Im impressed when people face on their problems and come up with solutions to deal with them, instead of spending their life time complaining :) this product sounds amazing <3



  3. She's so inspiring- she saw a problem and fixed it! Thats determination!

    It sounds like a great product, I hadn't heard of it before!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  4. Seems like an amazing brand with some great products, I'll have to try it out soon! x

  5. My friend is allergic to lots of chemicals in beauty products so I'll definitely suggest this brand to her! xx

  6. Fab post xx
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