3 Mar 2012

What's in my basket: ASOS

It's a long old time since I've ordered with ASOS.  Funny, because only a year ago or less, it was practically the only place I was buying clothes and shoes.  More recently they've just not had the kind of clothes I've been looking for I suppose.  Today, I went on there with the intention of buying some boots I'd seen on my friend Clare, and ended up with a bulging basket.  ASOS and I were on a break, but it seems we're now full on seeing each other again.

Here's what I ordered

And the same in navy

And the same in navy

As you can see, I was in need of some new boots, and there's my navy obsession striking again, whoops.  Can't wait for this lot to arrive :)  



  1. I love those navy and red skater dresses, they look such a flattering shape :) The scalloped dresses are really cute too :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. They all look fab! I got my ASOS order today - it's the first time I've ordered from them in ages. I got a dress from Liquorish which was reduced from 72.00 to 24.50 and I'm sooo happy with it.xx


  3. ...now heading over to ASOS to hopefully get some equally fabulous deals! Great post x

  4. I love the deep red skater dress. Totally my style, but I've just bought loads of clothes! Shame as it is in the sale. I've only ordered from ASOS once too!


  5. The scallop edge dresses are gorgeous, I've been eyeing up similar in Topshop! The boots look fab too :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  6. Wow! You really did go wild! I bet you're excited for it all to turn up! The scalloped dresses are lovely as are all of the boots! xx


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