5 Apr 2012

Jelly Belly candle tin in Very Cherry

I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with collecting scented candles.  I really like Yankee candles in the tumblers, and I have a lot of Yankee wax tarts too, but I like to try lots of other brands too.  It's usually the name and then the scent that lures me in.

The Very Cherry Jelly Bean candle is probably one I was had passed by on the shop shelves.  Generally I don't go for Cherry products as I have a bit of a fear of the smell of cherry drops (true story), and the packaging of these is a bit childish for my usual tastes.  But, I was given this as a gift, and was actually really surprised by the quality.

I wrongly assumed that this would burn out pretty quickly, and wouldn't have a particularly strong smell.  It actually lasted us a good couple of weeks of burning a couple of hours at a time in the evenings.  The fragrance was really strong - the boyfriend loves cherry things (they say opposites attract) and he couldn't get enough of this, even lighting it when I was out!  It wouldn't be my first choice of scent, but it wasn't the overpowering synthetic smell I'd worried it would be, so I actually ended up quite liking it.

Now that I've tried this, I'll probably keep an eye out for the Jelly Bean candles in the future, but I'd pick one of my favourite go-to smells like mango, or coconut.  

You can pick these candles up for around £4 each from Amazon with free delivery.  The also come in a large size glass jar version too.  



  1. I don't like cherry fragranced/flavoured things at all either! I have the Jelly Belly candle in Toasted Marshmallow and it smells delicious!! xx

  2. i am a jelly belly freak and cherry is my favorite flavor! i must own this!!

  3. Bought this exact candle for my aunt for her birthday along with the pineapple and blueberry ones. They all smelled lovely, pineapple was my favourite out of all the them, it smelled similar to Pineapple KA! But my aunt absoloutely loves them! :) x

  4. I've been meaning to but these candles for ages. Think Amazon will be getting an order x x


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