8 Apr 2012

Lush Easter goodies - Cracking open the Immaculate Eggception

I love Lush and always have to buy something when they have a new range whether it's Christmas, Valentine's etc.  I had a little peek at the Easter offering recently and here's what I came away with.

Carrot re-useable bubble bar (up to 6 baths) - £4.95

Fluffy egg bath bomb -  £2.95.  I love this one and buy it every year - the pink bath bombs are always my favourites.

The Imaculate Eggception in yellow - £7.  I wanted the pink one but they were sold out.  I was so intrigued to get one of these and crack it open so I got the yellow one even though I knew I wouldn't like it as much as pink.  £7 is a lot for a bath bomb, but the idea is that you crack it open and get three baths - one from each side of the egg shell and one from the little critter that hides inside....

Ta-dah - smacked open on the side of the sink and quite a clean break too.  What's that we have there in the egg...?

It's a lickle bunny rabbit!  To be honest I was a bit disappointed with how unlike a bunny this looks, but ah well.  I still liked the novelty of cracking the egg open, even the bf came for a look at what I was up to.

I used one half of the yellow egg shell for my bath today and set it off fizzing like crazy.

It turned my bath water a serious Easter chick yellow and smelt rather nice too as it's got grapefruit, lemon and vanilla.  It's supposed to smell a little bit chocolatey - I didn't notice that, but I don't like chocolatey smelling bath products anyway.

And here's an Instagram picture I posted of my bath looking like a Cadbury's creme egg!  Totally Easter appropriate! :)

Lush has turned my bath into a Cadbury's creme egg! Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter xx


  1. Hah i love the cream egg bath! :) I wish they had done an Easter soap, my Gran is the biggest Lush fan (she has an entire fridge devoted to storing all her Lush goodies - haha) but she only has showers, so i couldn't get her a bath bomb boo! But that carrot looks amazing ! xxx

  2. aww the carrot is cute. Shame the egg one didnt look like a bunny, the chick ones ive seen on other posts are cute. Love your bath sign though :) xx

  3. These look amazing! & your bathroom looks lovely! :) x

  4. Ha, love how much your bath looks like an egg! I have egg envy now, I didn't get the immaculate eggception one because I thought £7 was a bit steep but I kind of wish I had! :-) x

  5. Wow that bunny things looks like an egg to me, and you get a peek at the yellow inside LOL! They could at least have shaped it like a bunny... oh well x

  6. these are adorable! i just realized there was a lush store 15 minutes from my house! i am so excited! went to the store the other day and i ALMOST got there! i cant wait to see what they come out with around the winter holidays!

  7. I have the immaculate eggception in yellow too, I haven't used it yet though as its just too cute! xx


  8. Ah I love this, it reminds me of Dragons Egg :-)

  9. Is it not slightly .... gross to have a bath the same color as pee?

    1. If your wee is that colour I think you need to drink more water! =)


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