24 Apr 2012

Nails Inc Nail Jewellery polishes and more

Last week, despite luck being against me (everything went wrong for me that day, seriously), I finally made it along to the Nails Inc event.  I was way beyond fashionably late, and a bit of a disheveled mess due to the weather and getting stuck on public transport, but it was all worth it to see all the fabulous polishes :)

If you've read my blog for a while, you'll know I'm a bit of a Nails Inc addict as their shades often feature in my NOTD posts, so I was so excited to go along to this event.

Today I want to show you the polishes I've tried from the new Nail Jewellery collection, as well as some of the other beauties I saw on the day.

This is the diamond and pink diamond polish from the new Nail Jewellery collection which are glittery polishes with different sized and shaped particles to create a super sparkly jewel effect.  

The diamond polish is named Burlington Arcade and pink diamond is called Princes Arcade.

I had my nails done with Pink Diamond over a hot neon pink shade called Notting Hill Gate.

Ooooh sparkly :)  Pink diamond is such a full coverage glitter - I was so surprised by how much glitter and sparkle came from just one coat.  I always find these dense glittery polishes more hard wearing on my nails and I tend to get an extra day before any chips show up.

The lovely lady who did my nails was wearing Diamond over a black polish, which I think was Black Taxi, so I tried to recreate her look at home.

Sorry about my uneven nails - I did a boot fair and suffered quite a few breakages.  I think I'm going to need to chop them all short :( Hopefully you can still get the idea, although it was very difficult to capture the different colours Diamond reflects in the light - it's even more beautiful in real life.  This is not a full coverage glitter like Pink Diamond - here I used 3 coats to get the full on bling effect.

You can see some of the colours reflecting a bit better here in the bottle

Next up, some lower quality phone pics.  Sorry about that, but as part of my day of bad luck, my camera wouldn't work!

Below is the full Nail Jewellery Collection
Burlington Arcade - Diamond
Piccadily Arcade - Emerald
Royal Arcade - Sapphire
Princes Arcade - Pink Diamond

These are all available now at nailsinc.com for £11 each

This stunner is one of my favourites of the ones I saw - it's a called Jubilee and has red, silver and blue glitter packed in for a seriously blinging and patriotic nod to the Union Jack and the Queen's Jubilee.  I love the crystal encrusted bottle cap too. 

This is a limited edition polish which will be available from May for £15 from nailsinc.com

I posted some time last year about Nails Inc's metalic polishes - they've now brought out some new shades and magnets with different patterns.  These are the fishnet magnet polishes, and I was also shown a brand new one which makes a star pattern.  

Soho - chrome metallic fishnet
Spitalfields - green metallic fishnet
Piccadilly - gold shimmer fishnet

I got to take home the Soho fishnet, so will be doing a NOTD post with that soon.  I'm also keen to try out the fishnet magnet on the Nails Inc magnetic polishes I already have, as I assume the different magnets will work with all of the polishes and I can mix and match.  I'll let you know.

 My absolute fave of the night has to be this pastel glitter polish called Sweets Way.  It's so pretty and I need it on my nails right now!  Such a shame it doesn't come out until June!  It's part of a collection of four polishes called Sprinkles and they will also be £11 each. 

Sadly I didn't get any more photos as my camera wasn't working and the pictures I was taking on my phone weren't great.  But, I have got a few other lovely new colours to play with, so I'll have a few more posts coming right up.

Other than Jubilee and Sweets Way, all of the polishes I mentioned are out now and you can get them from www.nailsinc.com Also you might want to check out QVC for some great value sets - this partly explains how I've ended up with a collection of around 75 Nails Inc polishes, ooops! 
*PR samples
Are you a Nails Inc fan?  What's your favourite shade?                                            


  1. I NEED those polishes in my life!! haha they're amazing :) xxx

  2. Oh I love the silver glitter on black looks amazing!x

  3. the nail jewellery is amazing! :D

  4. Love the look of the last polish and also the british looking polish xx

  5. I get so tempted by anything sparkly! They look so nice x

  6. love the black and glitter combo!!

  7. Wow these colours all look amazing - I want them all!!!! xx

  8. Nail polish heaven, they all look great, I love the blue glitters!


  9. Lucky you going to a Nails Inc event, wel jel!

  10. I LOVE those polishes!! If I come a rich student overnight I will definitely be investing!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  11. Whoa.
    The green sparkles. Those ones, I need it. Give me it. Now.
    Loooove the new collection, excited to try now :3

    Devon xx

  12. I agree that photos dont show how good Burlington Arcade looks I put over Berkeley Mews (dark blue) and my nails look like the sky at night. I really want black taxi but it is never in stock in my local debenhams and dont buy anything direct from Nails Inc due the P&P

    Love your blog



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