30 Apr 2012

Orly Spring polish swatches - Cupcake, Basket Case and Petit Four

I was recently asked if I wanted to try some Orly nail polishes, so obviously I said 'hell yeah'!  Orly's a brand I've admired from a far for a few years, and I only own a couple of Orly polishes, because they're a US brand that didn't used to be widely available in the UK.  Nowadays though, Orly's being sold in Boots and at lookfantastic so us UK girls are no longer being left out.

I decided to go for some Spring appropriate colours, so I chose Cupcake (pale pink), Basket Case (hot pink) and Petit Four (lilac).

These polishes apply so well, and I'm not just saying that.  I own a lot of polishes from all  different brands, and it's rare that a polish goes on totally opaque in one coat unless it's a really dark colour, but these do - even the pale pink!  I have several pale pinks in my collection that I rarely ever wear because they take about four coats to give full coverage, so I think Cupcake is going to get a lot of outings on my nails.  

I did two coats of each colour and followed with a topcoat and they survived three whole days with no chips. That might not sound long to you, but I do a lot of typing and usually chip my nails the day after I paint them, so three days is a real achievement for me!  I think it's because the formula is quite a substantial one - I want to say thick, but it doesn't go on thick if you see what I mean - it goes on completely normally, but gives a thicker sort of coverage.

I'm really pleased with the colours I chose.  Cupcake and Petit Four look sort of similar sat next to each other, but on the nails you can see the true difference in hue and I think they're really complimentary, so I wore them together. Basket Case is a great cool toned bright pink and I'm sure it'll be fab for Summer toes.

These colours are all available from lookfantastic.com

I'm really excited to add some more Orly to my range and I think I'm going to start with something from the new Cool Romance collection.  I love the peach (Prelude to a kiss) and minty green (Jealous Much).

The full size Cool Romance polishes are available from lookfantastic.com or you can get a pack of three polishes in a mini size from Boots 
*PR samples
Have you tried Orly?


  1. Beautiful colour choices, love it x

  2. wow i love these colors so much!!!

    1. pink and purple / lilac anything is always my fave x

  3. They are really lovely colours, I've heard they were really good quality :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


    1. They really are - I couldn't believe how long they went without chipping and because it's a thick kind of coverage I felt like my nails looked like they had been gellished / shellaced!

  4. You picked some gorgeous colours. I love shades that I was sent too x

    1. I think I want that green now - I'm actually green with envy haha! xx

  5. Gorgeous colours, I might have to add these to my ever growing collection :)


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