13 Apr 2012

Sleek blush by 3 palette in Lace

I finally got my hands on the much lusted after 'Lace' version of this palette via the lovely Laura from Belles Boutique.  She mentioned on Twitter that she had a spare for sale and I pretty much bit her hand off.  We discovered we lived quite near each other, so she even hand delivered it!  What a small little blogging world it is eh?

Sleek have brought out five different shade options of their blush by 3 palettes, but Lace was by far my fave.  I think the rest of the population of the planet loved this one too, as it was constantly sold out in every Superdrug I tried and I've still not spotted one for sale even since I got it.  

The colours are bold and super-pigmented, so you do need to apply carefully and lightly (and not in the dark or without a mirror!) but they are so buildable it's easy to get exactly the right wash of colour you're after.  

Left to right the colours are Crochet, Guipure and Chantilly.  Crochet reminded me of one of my favourite blushes from Sleek - pan-tao from the avoir la peche collection.  But actually now I've tried it they're quite different shades - Crochet is bolder and brighter.  Guipure is my favourite shade - I'm not always a fan of shimmery products, but this blush is just gorgeous.  It's a rich rose colour with a distinct gold running through. Chantilly is a hot coral colour and is nothing like any other blushes I own, so I'm really pleased with this shade too.  

Finally a product that lives up to the hype!  I'm certainly pleased I got my hands on this and I think I might have another look at the other four shade collections available and bag myself one more as it's such good value to get three colours for £10.  

I've just checked the Sleek website and it seems you can now buy these from them online and Lace is in stock!  Go go go!  


  1. ahhh lace is my favorite too! im so gonna save up and go get one now! :D xx

  2. I was a little scared of the orange shade in this palette but the more I look at it the more it grows on me, and seeing as they're buildable I'm sure I could make it work! Oddly, there has always been one or two palettes left in the Superdrug near me when I went in, so I might have to grab one quick!

    Frances xx

  3. gorgeous shades <3 I love the blush by 3 palettes..have one in pink sprint!!!!

  4. I love the one in the middle but the outer two scare me alot!! I think the middle one is like Rose Gold that they do but thats sold out everywhere too xx

  5. I haven't tried this one out but I love sleek's product range, their pigmentation is amazing.

  6. never noticed these before, will deffo look out for one. look soo pretty x

  7. This palette is gorgeous, the middle sparkly one looks perfect for summer! xx

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  8. I have been after this for soooo long but I can't find it in any superrdrug either!! Guipure looks lovely, Im also really intrigued to try crochet!!


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