16 Apr 2012

Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh intensive firming moisturiser and eye cream review

Recently my Mum got to try out some of the Yes to Blueberries range and I've now probed her for her opinions on how she liked the products.  I also pinched some to have a little go too!

My Mum is in her mid fifties and is always looking out for new eye and face creams, so was really happy to give this a try.  She liked the smell of the products and the way they applied, but she said the moisturiser wasn't rich enough for her as she has really dry skin.  She really liked the eye cream though and said she thought it was making a difference to her fine lines - some creams can cause her a problem as her skin is quite sensitive but she said this one didn't cause any irritation at all.

As the moisturiser wasn't quite right for Mum's skin, I got to be the next guinea pig!  I'm younger, obviously, and have a completely different skin type - combination - so it was a different story when I tried this.  Face creams that are really rich have to be reserved for night time unless I want to spend the day an oily mess, so I always go for something like this which is quite light and sinks in to the skin easily, so does interfere with applying my foundation.

I really like the smell of the moisturiser too.  I'm not going to say it smells like blueberries, as I think that's just my imagination, but it certainly does smell fresh and fruity.

These are the prices and links to where to buy -

Yes to Blueberries age refresh intensive firming repair moisturiser - 50ml - £19.99

Yes to Blueberries age refresh intensive firming eye repair cream - 15ml - £19.99

Yes to blueberries is part of the wider range of Yes to products including Yes to carrots, Yes to cucumbers and Yes to tomatoes.  I love this quirky vegetable take on things - each of the different veggies represents a range for different skin types.   They also have a kiddies range called Yes to baby carrots - so cute!  You can see the full ranges here on feel unique.
*PR sample
Have you ever tried anything from 'Yes to'?


  1. I love the marketing and names behind it, it really is a fab concept!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  2. I love yes to carrots range, I think my mum would like to try this. Will let her know. x

  3. I've tried items from Yes to Carrots, Yes to Tomatoes and the last thing I tried was the Yes to Blueberries skincare. Yes to products don't agree with me at all. I've gotten welts across my face from using the mask, and I didn't like the texture of the moisturiser. I've tried enough to know that their products don't work well with my skin.


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