3 May 2012

Dirty Works Bare Necessity body lotion and Think of England bath soak

Today I've got some lovely products to tell you about from the Dirty Works range which is exclusive to Sainsbury's.  It's a much wider range than I realised, including a big selection of all the essential face, bath and body products, and it's got a real kitsch and vintage vibe going on.

I got to try out the Bare Necessity body lotion and the Think of England bath soak.  I originally thought these might be themed products for the Jubilee or Olympics when I saw the England reference on the bath soak and rather flexible lady on the body lotion, but actually they're not.  They could be though - the packaging is very occasion appropriate for everything that's coming up in the summer.

I can't help but draw a comparison to Soap & Glory here, as the design of the packaging and slogans is slightly similar - it certainly gives the feel that Dirty Works is a fun brand that doesn't take things too seriously, and I think it gives the products a nice quirky edge making them good for gifts.  

The bath soak is a fairly simple product with no colours or gimmicks and an unoffensive subtle fragrance with calendula flower and chamomile.  I'd usually choose a bubble bath with more bells a whistles than this, but I can't really knock it at £2.99 for 350ml.  

Bare Necessity body lotion is a lovely light moisturiser for all over the body.  It sinks in easily and leaves my skin hydrated and smelling yummy with one of my favourite fragrance combos - shea butter and cocoa butter.  I get through a lot of moisturiser, and this is a nice big size at 300ml for £3.99.  

I don't always go down the beauty aisles when I'm in Sainsbury's (a damage limitation exercise), but next time I'm going to make a bee-line for the Dirty Works shelves as I've there are some other products in their range that excite my beady eye and greedy hands.  Also, there's a special offer on where lots of items in the range are half price, so the bath soak would be just £1.34 and the body lotion £1.79! 

These are the other products I'm interested in snapping up while they're on offer - 

Youth sexy thing day cream - £6.99 (now £4.66)

Porefect face scrub - £4.99 (now £3.32)

Belle of the ball face mask - £4.99 (now £3.32)

Banish the bags eye cream - £4.99 (now £3.32)

You can check out the full range on the Sainsbury's site here or on Dirty Works' own website.  

Have you tried Dirty Works before?  Am I just late to the party on this one?!
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  1. I love Dirty Works! My local Sainsburys stocks a pretty comprehensive range. A good, cheap alternative to Soap & Glory...I definitely think they lifted or should I say were "inspired" in their branding by Soap & Glory!

    1. Sadly we're doing our shop in Tesco this week because we've got a voucher, but next week I'm all over this!

    2. I've spotted this in my sainsburys, there was so much in the range, I left without, couldn't decide!? If your going to Tesco look out for the Treacle Moon range :D


  2. Oooh I love the cute vintage packaging!

  3. I can definitely see the comparison with Soap and Glory!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  4. i quite like th eproducts but i much prefer soap and glory

  5. I bought some of their hand cream whilst it was on offer a couple of weeks ago. I love it! It leave my hands so soft and smelling yummy. I've been looking for a decent hand cream as I work in a warehouse so my poor hands are always getting dry and have nicks on them, so this is a god send from heaven. x

    1. I've not tried their hand cream - it sounds like you love it so I may need to investigate!


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